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Wild Storytelling

Posted on Mon, Sep. 26, 2022 at 04:46 pm

You really must get some kind of shamrock award for that bit of story telling, IL. It was a glorious bit of puffed-up embellishment that is truly awe-inspiring. We've got some coming that way as well, interestingly enough. Maybe ironically, we actually HAVE received some good news lately, but we absolutely won't be sharing this with you. You cannot be trusted with this information AT ALL.

So, enjoy your moment, but realize we see right through it. Cheers.

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Hate having to meet my in laws so frequently

Posted on Wed, Sep. 21, 2022 at 09:36 pm

Hate meeting my in laws so frequently.........i have to meet them every once in two weeks and that is so torturous for me........my mother in law is ugly and annoying..she talks too much and laughs too fakely.......a totally insincere person who should be kept away from society.......she only dotes on her daughter's child and not my child (her other grandchild)..why must i still meet you so frequently? i wish you can be sailed far far away to another country out of this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for Nothing

Posted on Tue, Sep. 20, 2022 at 03:57 pm

I almost divorced my husband because of my inlaws. I got married young so I honestly didn't even think about the dynamic because I barely knew them. I feel cheated because out of all the families I could've married into, i married into this trash. They treated my husband like crap before I even came into the picture. He's such a caring person and they treat him like he doesn't even exist! MIL and FIL are now trying to have a relationship with me after 10 years of neglecting my husband. Absolutely not. I honestly wish we could delete them from our lives permanently, block them and move on but my husband wants a relationship with his parents. They are some of the messiest, fake, inconsiderate mfs I know. They have cliques and if you don't subscribe to their way of thinking, they isolate you. My future children will barely know them. I'm keeping them far away from them. I hate them.

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The Fascade

Posted on Tue, Sep. 20, 2022 at 12:47 pm

Oh IL's, you are so adorable ((sarcasm)). A VERY rosy picture was painted, but we're discovering through sources that things might not be exactly as they were relayed to us. Of course, we knew there were some...exaggerations...because we know all of you, and for a certain IL to suggest that everyone was deliriously happy we knew immediately to question the entire story.

You see, you've all been so unsufferably miserable for so long, that we knew there was no way that suddenly, out of the blue, every last person was filled with success and blinding, exuberant joy. None of you are even capable of cracking the sides of your faces long enough to express anything beyond irritated misery much of the time...well, that is (of course) unless you're trying to show off to us and give the fascade that we're somehow missing out on the amazingness that is your family.

Nope, we're actually not. We're quite happy living too far of a drive away for an easy visit (oh darn). We're quite happy not wondering if your feigned "successes" are valid (we're sure you occassionally make some headway, just like most humans).

One thing we didn't need to be a detective to figure out was the timing of certain upcoming plans vs. what the "story" has been. It's a shame people have to come up with excuses for why they don't want to jump through hoops to appease your overweaning ego, PIL's. It's obvious to US what the real feelings are, and we're hours away from you. I'm sure people much closer to the action are also slowly starting to see RIGHT THROUGH the fascade.

Naturally, no one will point it out to you how obvious it is that you are all actually rather miserable and that the stories you've been telling might be more like porky pies.

Don't worry, we won't say anything...because we have absolutely nothing to do with your greater circle of numbed "admirers".

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Guess Karma Visited BIL

Posted on Tue, Sep. 20, 2022 at 03:34 am

Dear BIL,

Today while lurking Online, I found out your first born and only son got married recently.

While I will never meet him or his new wife as I divorced that loser brother of yours, what’s that German word for gloating?

Anyways, my curiosity and investigative nature made me look further.

At her.

I invested $9, looked up her name and confirmed it was her.

She’s a Gem.

What really stood out about her was her extensive rap sheet she has from another state.

As long as a freight train.

Let’s see - charges each of several traffic violations, several thefts, trespassing, and several charges of possession of Heroin.

You must be mighty proud of your new DIL!

Seems your son brought some shame to your uppity, holier than thou family and to me it is “Karma-lly” delicious!

Good! You deserve it!

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To not dear Mil

Posted on Mon, Sep. 19, 2022 at 07:44 am

You are going to have a major surgery tomorrow morning.

I will not be thinking kindly of you doing the procedure or for the recovery.

If you need extra help afterwards, I will not share time with my husband with you.

As always, I won’t do any errands that would benefit you.

I won’t do anything for you.

The plan is the dame as always. I will avoid you without appearing to do so.

If people ask how you doing, I act surprised that you might live nearby. In fact, my responsive is so indifferent that I say I don’t even remember meeting you or any of your offspring or relatives.

I don’t care about you and you don’t matter to me at all.

Whatever happens is what it is tomorrow and what happens in your recovery is what happens. I don’t care.

It wasn’t nice meeting you and you are not a inspiration for me.

Thank you for being a horrible warning, I suppose.

It is sad that your own son, my husband, even admits that you and your family “doesn’t welcome outsiders Into your family.”

If you don’t make it through this, I will attend your funeral wearing the most colorful dress.

The world will have brighter and lighter feel to it! The fall flowers will glow with even more beautiful color and each day will begin with more positivity.

All because you, not dear person, will not be our neighbor anymore.

I don’t care about you in any way. At all.

Also, your son told me that he regrets moving closer to you (walking distance) because of how you and relatives have treated us (him, myself and our off spring.)

From the woman who married your son who will be wearing the most colorful dress and shoes at your funeral!

Not Fondly toward you,

The person with in-laws for neighbors who used to post on the in-law boards

Hi everyone!

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She’s dead

Posted on Fri, Sep. 16, 2022 at 02:01 am

My MIL is dead but I still despise her. Hard to get 40 years of emotional abuse out of my head. Is this PTSD?

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How sweet it is

Posted on Fri, Sep. 16, 2022 at 12:17 am

That you are now reaping all that you sowed!

Wife dead, no longer here to cook your food *hot*, to listen to how smart and wonderful you are, to clean and take care of everything for you.

Daughter you were strangely obsessed with doesn’t cater to your every whim anymore. Boo hoo. Notice she did it when your wife was here to deal with your daily bs and she could be the golden child, that now that it is all on her, she can’t be bothered.

So now you are alone- grandkids still want nothing to do with you, daughter is not the savior you thought she was, and the wife you cheated on and tolerated is no longer here to cater to you.

Suck it douche!

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Irritating sister in law and husband and their son

Posted on Thu, Sep. 15, 2022 at 10:59 pm

Hate these three - my sister in law, her husband and their son. They were all sick last weekend and still continued to meet us for a lunch, just because they are selfish and want to spread their virus to us. Now my daughter is down with a fever, no thanks to them. Selfish morons who have no common sense not to meet others while you are sick. My selfish mother in law meets them on weekdays so she also already knows they are sick and still went on with the lunch plans to meet us. Now I have to worry whether it is coronavirus or not. Thanks alot!

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Trouble In Paradise for BIL

Posted on Wed, Sep. 14, 2022 at 02:34 pm

A source tells us that BIL's new fling is already showing signs of trouble. This is not being advertised to US, of course. The last update we got is that everyone is deliriously and joyfully ecstatic. I'm sure it'll take a while before it filters back to us that not all is well. Don't worry, we'll act surprised.

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