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The final thing that led me blocking

Posted on Tue, Jul. 05, 2022 at 07:13 am

My husband’s sister sent a selfie of her and her mom to me.

I shuddered and deleted it. Then, I blocked both of them.

I really don’t like them and didn’t want their faces in my phone!

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Posted on Tue, Jul. 05, 2022 at 06:58 am

Reasons why I have not been open to spending time with my in-laws.
1. Social anxiety. 2. Not feeling comfortable around you. 3. You just aren’t nice people (see #2) 4. Frequent criticism over the way I cook, look and the way I am as a person. 5. You are greedy and it shows. You make no attempt to hide it.

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Posted on Mon, Jul. 04, 2022 at 03:54 pm

Listen little ms warrior woman 🤮.

You are the phoniest, useless, skankiest hoe that ever walked the earth.

I remember when you cheated on my brother after his vasectomy, and he had to pay for an abortion for another man’s baby, he lost a lot of his hair during that time due to stress.

Your own kids don’t want you to live with them, as you abandoned them and said cruel things to them, and you want ME to take you in?

You have done nothing but TAKE from my family since you came in the scene,

Playing on my sister, and talking shit about me to my cousin was the last straw.

You’re a grown ass woman who collects disability every month, get a fucking roommate douchemuffin!


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Posted on Mon, Jul. 04, 2022 at 11:25 am

My inlaws are back. We had a couple peaceful months without them. Why do people like this even exist? I mean they are absolutely worthless. The only thing they are capable is to call my husband to deal with their problems. Fucking losers.
And his sister is in the hospital giving birth to another one. It's not like she didn't had enough kid already. Fucking useless piece of garbage they are, nothing more.

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Independence Day

Posted on Mon, Jul. 04, 2022 at 10:31 am

After years of having to run up to MIL & FIL's "BBQs" which consisted of whatever was going bad in their fridge and freezer and later became a "Rock Soup" situation (we brought EVERYTHING), complete with fireworks show per se of screaming and antiques. I am happy to say that we are home without plans today. Aghhhhh!

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Take your demanding, entitled ass elsewhere

Posted on Mon, Jul. 04, 2022 at 05:45 am

I'm so sick of seeing your annoying texts come up on my husband's phone about having "kid calls". My kids don't even like you that much. We're busy and don't have time for your petty demands. If you text my husband and tell him that "mom would like a kid call" (entitled much?) and he doesn't respond don't text again 20 min later and say "I said mom would like a kid call". You ALWAYS text around dinner/bedtime demanding phone calls. Piss off! If the kids wanted to talk to you they would ask to call you, but they never do.

Oh, and MIL? You were incredibly rude to my daughter on her birthday. Calling and breaking into song immediately is beyond annoying and she interrupted you because she's a toddler!! There was no reason for you to snap at her and say "I know it's your birthday, didn't you hear me singing??". She probably wanted you to stop because she was embarrassed for you 🤣🤣

Stop trying to scold my kids, you're only the grandparents and you're lucky I even allow that. Don't forget, being a grandparent is a privilege not a right.

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Dear Husband of sister

Posted on Mon, Jul. 04, 2022 at 02:36 am

My husband call your and your mom referring to you as “her daughter.”

Also, did you really need to call my husband 9 times yesterday?

Act like a sane adult or go take a nap since you a mentally at the level of a badly behaved toddler.

Stop stalking your brother

He is sick of your obsessive need for attention.

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Dear sister of my husband

Posted on Sat, Jul. 02, 2022 at 11:35 pm

You are a adult, yet you act as if you are a not responsible for your words ,and your actions.

Yes, it is true that according to your mommy that you can do no wrong and you are “just amazing.”

It gets old dealing with your emotional rants, lack of logic and not having any accountability.

Did you notice that I stepped back and gave up on you?

My husband was able to clearly see you for how you are. I like that he doesn’t try to “save” you anymore.

I suppose you could take up thumb sucking since you act like a toddler having a melt down much of the time.

Whatever works for you, you just go ahead.

Remember, you are a adult and responsible for own decisions and their consequences.

I just happen to be married to your brother.

You “be you.”

Stop putting your brother and my husband in the position to “save you from your life choices.”

Not someone in your fan club


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Not Enough Attention?

Posted on Fri, Jul. 01, 2022 at 04:50 pm

Precious MIL,
Clearly your precious widdle feelings are somehow ruffled because my DH didn't respond to the BS you so frequently spew out. He certainly HAS been around, just not in response to the BS. He doesn't have time for your attempts at getting the wrong kind of attention. He's a busy man (not that you'd ever give him credit for that). Focus your attentions on making the world around you a bit better, rather than p!$$ing on ours. It's an old, tired meme. I suppose it's fitting then, eh?

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Guest List

Posted on Fri, Jul. 01, 2022 at 08:03 am

Just because my husband and I don’t have children and we are older doesn’t mean we don’t have a life. We aren’t waiting around and thrilled to receive an invitation to toddler birthday parties for 1st cousins twice removed. You seem to operate on that assumption. Honestly it’s kinda creepy and we feel out of place. My husband thought it’s so nice of you to include us, but I know it’s only about the gifts.

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