I Hate My Inlaws!

she was bad and i caught her

Posted on Sun, Aug. 16, 2009 at 10:16 pm

Ive got one of those mother-in-laws that thinks its her God given right to snoop my house and plunder my private things and do whatever she wants in my house while me and my family are not at home.
Amazingly, she has never ever cameto visit in the entire 31+ years since I married her son. Never been to any of our 3 kids birthdays, or our 3 year old grand childs, whoalso lives with us.
Shes done things like throw all my clothes out of the closet and took my husbands work clothes from the dresser to hang in the closet.
Shes threw out a couch that was maybe a year or two old,(it was mostly hunter green and brick red in a southwest print) and replaces it with a light blue plaid couch of hers that was over 20 years old and missing a leg, and then tells me i now have something good to sit on. You can only imagaine the clash, not to mention the redass I had!!!!
I had a collection of owl figurines, i had them in a box when we were making a move. she broke several before i could get her stopped. she told me they were just ugly dust catchers and i should throw them all away. The bitch!!
Shes taken sets of keys from my house and/or car and had them copied and passed to other family members. This has costed a fortune over the years to replace locks.
Shes opened my mail, rifled thru personal letters, examined our bank statements.
She drove her tractor over and bush hogged my entire rosebed of over 100 bushes while i was sick in bed. And later asks why I never send her flowers anymore. (dumbass)
Oh, believe me I could tell so much more!
Anyways, I would continously gripe about her to my husband. He thought it was all in my mind, his mammas a saint, you know?
So one day I was on the internet and found some survalance cameras pretty cheap, at x10.com, I bought a set that had like 6 motion sensor cameras. I set them up as soon as they arrived.
The first day I left home, I couldnt wait to get back and see if I was right about her. Sure enough, I got her on a 45 minute plunderfest! It was so good to show it to my husband and just say I TOLD YOU SO!
Not only that first month did Icatch her several times, but also caught my beauty queen sil and the friends she brought. sil even showed these people my underwear, and talked about me like i was a dog.
I wonder if it ever crossed her stupid little mind that they knew she was the one tresspassing and being the bitch?
When I later confronted them about going thru my things in my house whiile i was gone they denied it, little did they know that I had showed almost everyone else in the room the video evidence.
so now most everyone knows she and sister-in-law are meddeling plunder snoopers and liars!!!
You both were very bad, and I caught you. You cant deny that!
I hate the both of you bitches.

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