I Hate My Inlaws!

to my sil, the devils helper

Posted on Fri, Jul. 31, 2009 at 06:56 am

please stop trying to suck me in into your drama, i found out a long time ago how you opperate.

you twist the facts to make a story. you fill in the blanks with lies. you dream up alternate endings. you scam people into falling into your trap. you thrive on starting fights and causing problems. you joy in conflict. you are a evil person.

when i see you coming try to go the other way. when we speak i try to keep it to hello/goodbye.

You repeat gossip,and you just got to spice it up to make it more dramatic. When theres nothing to say you just make stuff up.

we do not have anything in common, we are not friends. i do not like you as you are.

You really need to start miding your own business and quit meddeling in other peoples lives.

People make mistakes, all people. You make things way worse for everybody with your spreading peoples private busniness all thru the family and all over town.

You think you ar a saint. Get real! Your not. Read the bible girl, take note in the ten commandements.... thou shall not lie. thou shalt not bear false witness. Im pretty sure this applies to you.

I can forgive anybody for almost anything, I would like for you to change your ways, I would like ot have the sister-in-law I thought youd be to me.

But until you change your evil ways, stay far away from me. I dont want my name coming up in your little evil plots. I dont want my name and yours to come up in the same conversation. I do not need to be associated with your schemes and trouble making.

Your mind is twisted and you try to spread your misery to everyone. I'd like to see you get some therapy, some kind of help.

at this point i think a exorcism would be in order.

I will be praying for you.

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