I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Thu, Jul. 30, 2009 at 06:21 pm

My sister told me she wanted me to post this story here about something that happened to me over 25 years ago, she says it gives her the reds every time she thinks about it.

Back then.... my husband and I owned 2 really good riding horses, we had all the tack and everything you could imagine for horses. We used to go riding almost every weekend, looking for deer, deer tracks, arrowheads... and whatever.
Sometimes I would go riding by myself, especially after a good rain to find arrowheads.
Although I knew this pissed my mother-in-law off to no end, I realy didnt care, it was my business.... and my husband didnt care either, as a matter of fact he liked that i did.

Then one monday when I came home from town, and went to put the horse feed in the barn I noticed the horse pen gate was wide open. I went nuts looking for our horses, I loved them! Then I seen that all our saddles, bridles, blankets... everything was gone too! Even my feed bucket was gone.
I looked for them for several days... called everyone who lived nearby, including mother and father-in-law... No one had seen our horses.

Several days later husband finds out that his parents had came while i was gone to town and loaded up all our horses and tack and carried it all and left them to sale at the horse auction, and they were sold for soap, and they had got a check for around 350 dollars.

We never got a dime of that. In the tack there was nearly new herford saddle we'd just spent a whole paycheck on. Not to mention that those horses were ours, and they were priceless to us.

I spent alot of time crying about my horse. I still do sometimes even after all this time.

I wish I could go back and handle that situation diffrently. Back in the ol' days they hanged horse thieves.

Sis. ... there it is.

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