I Hate My Inlaws!

this depresses me so much

Posted on Sat, Jul. 18, 2009 at 09:18 am

We went on a vacation recently and took lots of pictures of ourselves having fun, scenery and other stuff. MIL & FIL wanted pictures to run on their screensaver on the family computer, so I lend them our SD card and they loaded them to thier comouter.
Several days later I was there at thier house and as the pictures were displaying on the screen I noticed that they had cropped me out of every single picture.
I didnt know what to say or do. When I left I cried all the way home. I told my husband about it, and when he went to thier house and saw it himself, he asked why they did it. His mother told him that he married me, not them ,and that they didnt even have to like me.
These people have always treated me fairly decent, but now I realize that they only "tolleratte" me because Im married to thier son.
I dont know what thier problem is with me, I have never done anything I can think of to make them not like me.
I have thought about cropping them out of all the pictures I have and letting them know I didnt marry them, I married thier son... and I dont have to like them either.
But Im not that mean and miserable and hateful.
This whole ordeal has opened my eyes and now I see these people as they realy are, and to think that I actually respected his parents, and loved them.
What a bunch of losers. Hateful miserable mean people. I hope one day we can all get along after this, because I love your son and he loves you all too.
But at this moment I hate your guts and youve realy hurt my feellings. You turned happy vacation memories into a painful reminder, and I cry evertime i think about it.
How did you all smile and greet me with a straight face before? If you had a problem with me .... why didnt you say something about it so we could get over it???
Now that your feelings about me are in the open, your son - - my husband, is caught in the middle. It hurts his feelings also that you do not even try to accept me. He also thought that you guys liked me a lot. Boy, were we wrong.
All I see now is a pair of 2faced inlaws. and I have no respect for you. It feels like i had two friends that back stabbed me and then dumped me.
I am so glad my parents are not like you two. They love your son as they do thier own, and never would do a thing like you did to me.
What yall did was so hateful and in-my-face.
I dread the hoildays coming, are you going to smile now and act friendly twards me? How will I know if you are real or fake??? Either you guys put on such a good front act for me in the past, or I was just too stupid and nieeve to understand your dislike of me.
I want to get ovewr this feeling. I feel like I have lost good friends, but realy it was a oneway street, you never realy liked me anyways.
Now I feel so childish for writing this here, but in a way its realy good to try and say how I feel.
I just wish I had never saw that you cropped me out of our pictures and I could have went on living in my own little bubble where I thought you all liked me, and I was happy.
Im not like you two. I cant act all fake and put on a front, Im just not that way.
And Im not going to beg and grovel for you to like, love or accept me.
All you'd have to do is just talk to me and we could try to work out anything thats bothering you, I would like that very much. But please be honest about your feelings, I cant stand being fake.

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