I Hate My Inlaws!

In Laws lazy

Posted on Sun, Sep. 17, 2023 at 03:46 pm

Every gathering while MIL walks around on a shattered ankle that she insists can be healed by diet alone. Ok. No it can’t but that’s beside the point. SIL and BIL were estranged. But now they need a house so the wolves come sniffing. They hate me who is fiancé to their brother. Fine. I’m a 50 year old as is he, we don’t have anything in common with 30 somethings. I’m the only one who ever helps MIL clean the big mess the parties make. While the lazy lumps of shit sit there on their phones. Alright that makes YOU the AH. These in laws are elderly by now. The youngest son is a lazy late in life coddled pos. His two kids now terrorize every gathering. They have never been told no. Never been spanked. The boy is 3-1/2 and still happily shitting in diapers because his parents are two lazy teachers. Who lay about all summer having a ball. Lazy. So wait until them kids are teens. I can’t wait to get popcorn. And so I just have to rant because I’m not even a DIL but the only one who can help their elderly parents. Whilst I don’t help my own as I work. Another BIL is a divorced pos whose “in a band” and can’t do Jack unless it’s to pawn off his 3 kids left at home on elderly MIL. The first POS has his wife’s parents watching those two spawn every single day during her Dads earned retirement. I am leaving this goon soon. But maybe I’ll stay. I get pension everything not married because he made me beneficiary. Which may be reason they hate me. I hate them all. Including my rotten adult stepson.

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