I Hate My Inlaws!

The prince and the evil in-laws

Posted on Sun, Sep. 17, 2023 at 08:50 am

My husband was raised by a psychotic desperate mother and her ex-convict of a husband (who was a cheap substitute to his real father who passed when my husband was only a baby). Needless to say his life was a classic tale of physical and psychological abuse to make sure my man would scared and broken and would never leave the home.

Everytime my husband would get a girlfriend, they would act nice first then terrorize the girl in hopes that she would leave.

Unfortunately for my in-laws, my sweet kind prince fell in love with me: a sharped-tongue, headstrong, ready for her fairytale ending love story woman who was ready to do anything to snatch her man from their claws.

My in-laws tried everything they could to break us apart, I mean everything like set up blind dates, fake cheating scandal, send dangerous family member of the step-FIL to make threats, but I wouldn't budge. If they thought they could fuck with my fairytale ending, they thought Hella wrong.

Every tricks they used only brought my man closer to me and within a year of dating, he moved in with me.

Till this day, my FIL are still salty but they should've known the evil never wins, love does though

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