I Hate My Inlaws!

I Had to do Something

Posted on Thu, Sep. 07, 2023 at 06:00 am

It's interesting to remember that time when a certain in-law thought they overheard something from me and then went running to mommy and daddy to tattle on me.
Ultimately (and eventually) it was suggested that we leave.

I had previously tried everything to get things to change and finally decided that being nice wasn't getting anywhere, so I acted the part that you had assigned to me so many years prior, giving you the "validation" you were hoping for so that you could ask us to leave.

Don't you suppose leaving was exactly what we needed pretty much from the moment we arrived? Being kind, warm and friendly did nothing to melt any ice with you people for so many years so I figured I might as well try being that which you accused me of.

It succeeded in getting us out of your house so that my husband, our children and I could find some peace away from that toxic environment. In reality, the friend I was speaking to that day had been prompted ahead of time via txt to just go along with whatever I was saying. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your tempermental reaction only succeeded in giving me the peace I had been seeking.

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