I Hate My Inlaws!

Satan Is A-Knockin'

Posted on Tue, Sep. 05, 2023 at 06:53 pm

IL, you are clearly getting along in years and it's really starting to show. I imagine this grates on you since you used to pride yourself on being active and an important person amongst your peers. Now you're just a weak, sallow, wrinkly and fragile version of your former self.

Your ailments and problems seem to be increasing and you're looking rather wan and sickly these days. At your advanced age you cannot possibly think that minor bandaids and treatments are going to make much of a difference. As the saying goes, I would say that your violin playing days have passed.

Satan is clearly knocking on your door, waiting to take one of his own back down to his lair. I don't wish ill will upon anyone (I was raised better than that although clearly you were not). I will simply say that seeing and hearing about the wind being spilled out of your fluttering and flogging sails as you hobble along towards your unhallowed horizon is an interesting bit of karma to witness.

Don't expect a lot of tears when you depart but there is one thing you should expect. When you close your mortal eyes for the last time prepare yourself for the firey and sulfuric surroundings that you have earned with your cruelty and malice. Your spouse will be next btw, so you might as well plan to see them arriving at the same destination eventually.

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