I Hate My Inlaws!

In-laws from Hell

Posted on Sun, Sep. 03, 2023 at 06:09 am

I hate my freaking in-laws. My wife and I have been together about 8 years now and I keep thinking that someday maybe they will change and we can all get along. But I know that's not ever going to happen.

They convinced everyone that we went to church with that me and her were living in sin and so when we got married out of everybody that I considered my church family. Only 4 people from church came to our wedding.

Im the kind of person that I remember stuff like that. And I went to that church for 22 years. My wife and I have been married for 8 now and I haven't went back since.

My in-laws make it a point to plan get-togethers and BBQ cookouts and stuff and they will invite my wife and kids but I'm not invited.

They have made numerous rude comments over the years. Especially about my job. I would just like to point out that I'm 30 years old, I'm a business owner. I own a trucking company and I own my own truck and trailer. Their is not very many people my age that can say they have bought and paid for 4 semi trucks and 3 trailers. Meanwhile my mother in-law is a secretary at the local church. My father in-law was a security guard at the local prison. Neither one of those are exactly high paying jobs. I mean bull I ain't trying to brag on myself but I make more money by myself in 1 week than both of them turds do put together in a month.

They got themselves a key to my house and I have caught them multiple times coming into my house when both me my wife and our kids are gone. That right there absolutely pisses me off. They have no right to come into my house especially when me and my wife are gone. I know they are coming over here and prowling through crap. I've caught my father in-law (taking out the trash) and I go look and see what's in the trash and their is my kids stuff. Things like coloring books, puzzles, even some toys.

My wife recently started her own side business and she makes custom earrings out of clay. Anyway my in-laws have come over and thrown away her materials that she uses. Clay, cutters, silk screens. I mean it's not their house. This is my freaking house. I paid the down payment. I have the mortgage. I pay the property taxes. They shouldn't even have a key but they talked my wife into giving them one.

My father in-law has torn up 2 of my lawn mowers. One was a riding mower I bought new the other was a zero turn I bought off my dad that was basically new. And that dumb dick has torn up both of them. He would help himself to go in my house when we're gone and get my lawnmower key and go mow the grass and run the throttle wide open until it blew the motor.

They have manipulated my wife her whole life and guilt tripped her into giving in on things she didn't want. And I'm fed up with it. Alot of people in this town think they are such good godly Christian folks because they are good at putting on a front. They go to church every time the doors open and sit up on the front pew praising Jesus but outside that church they are stuck up pricks. They are take-overs. They are manipulative.

I have gotten into it with them multiple times. (Probably why they don't like me) because they have gotten used to ram rodding over everything and everybody being okay with it and that doesn't work with me. I'm pretty easy going and can usually get along with just about anyone but I won't put up with being bossed around or bullied.

Their is so much stuff to list it would turn into novel with multiple parts if I tried to think of everything. Long story short I hate them and I can't wait until they die. I pray that they get in a car wreck or something and we can put them 6ft in the ground and never have to see or hear from them again.

One last thing and I'll shut up. I think my father in-law is a child molester or at the very least a creep. He just almost got shot several years ago. (After my wife gave them a key to our house) it was a Saturday morning. It was like 4 a.m. it was still dark outside. We were all asleep and I heard the glass storm door open. It's squeaks real loud when it opens. I woke up and immediately grabbed my 9mm and put a round in the chamber. As I start making my way into the living room the door knob is jiggling like someone trying to open it. And suddenly my front door opens up and I see a shadow figure coming in. I raised my pistol and yelled freeze. And it was my dumb father in-law. I asked what the hell are you doing? And he starts "oh I just wanted to see (my kids name, his grandkid)." I said it's 4 a.m. she's asleep! Your not very intelligent to come into someones house unannounced in the middle of the night. That is a good way to get your ass shot. Your lucky I yelled freeze and didn't just start blasting because you were absolutely fixing to mag dumped with 9mm hollow points you better get out of my house and get off my property now! He sulled up and left but after a few days they were back to being the in-laws from hell.

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