I Hate My Inlaws!

SIL Bitterness

Posted on Wed, May. 03, 2023 at 09:03 pm

Hey SIL. I'm well aware that you don't give a crap about anyone except yourself. That much is obvious and has been for quite some time. We try not to rub this in your family's faces, but I have a huge family and circle of friends that dote on our kids regularly.

Do you think I give updates because I am under the illusion that you care? I don't. It fulfils the requirement to appear as though I'm "trying". Don't you realize that it's a game that your mother also plays with us? She also pretends to care in order to have that narrative to you and the rest of her Circle of Flying Monkeys.

Don't fool yourself into thinking it doesn't go both ways because it absolutely does. To me it seems more like a cease fire. I understand your bitterness, however, because I'm sure your mother is pitting you against us yet again. Don't you see how she manipulates you emotionally??

The idea is to have you emotionally dependent upon her in a twisted sort of trauma bond. She tears you apart by playing on your insecurities and then ruins connections with your brother so that you only have her as your main source of connection.

If you only knew that your brother would love to have a deeper connection to you, but your mother always swoops in and tries to distort things. Think about it.

I have no room in my heart for anger. I really only feel pity. I have a family who genuinely loves me and wants for our happiness, whereas you have a family who loves to see you insecure and tied up in emotional knots.

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