I Hate My Inlaws!

Oh Daughter In Law

Posted on Wed, Mar. 15, 2023 at 11:13 pm

Since baby has been born your developing a real attitude. Your not going to hurt me with a child. A child is not a weapon. When they’re 18-25 sometime in there I’ll see them again and maybe they will love that I dress young and listen to Iron Maiden. I’m not going to change Pissy Princess so don’t go expecting me to. I have 3 sons. You got your claws into my eldest. He’s a good catch. Educated and a good worker. He hasn’t always been nice. Not as nice as my other 2. In fact he had a jealousy issue and was always acting embarrassed of us on vacations. In other words he is a bit of a twat. So you can have that one eh. You won’t take any advice. Had a fit when I tried to feed him a diced strawberry and grapes. Thanks for asking you snidely said as if I haven’t fed and raised 4 children. Ok so fine. Control everything. My son doesn’t want a stay home mom so you got until May to find a job. You refuse to bottle feed breast milk to your son to get him used to daycare. But you won’t because I said it. Snarky. Mean little disses. I’m sick of both of you to be honest. You can go to hell. I make friends everywhere I go. Unlike you whose always trying to be so proper. Your mom is so uptight I bet she made your dad put a sheet over her each conception. Your not nice to me. Like it when I suffer. Karmas a mother though. You never want to take my picture and that’s a sure sign someone hates you. But. I’ll dance at my grandkids weddings and there won’t be a thing you can do. You’ll be the hated MIL one day and I’m gonna laugh laugh when his wife pits him against you. All I’ve ever done is love my son but you can keep ‘em and your bratty kids too.

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