I Hate My Inlaws!

Your Last Will and Testament

Posted on Thu, Mar. 02, 2023 at 10:20 pm

You tried so many ways to make issues between my husband and I, and when that didn't work you just decided to ice out my husband. Did you think that your silent treatment (and smear campaign) would get him to realize (all of a sudden) that being in YOUR good graces would make him happier than being with a woman who doesn't try to manipulate him and hurt him?

Out of some kind of respect and familial weight we keep the minimum contact required, but you should know that our hearts are not in it. It's clear that your heart was NEVER in it, so you should totally understand, eh?

It would be easier if you'd just admit you're going to screw my husband over in your will and get that right out there since we're already expecting it and have had plenty of time to process that eventuality. There will be NO big surprises, big "reveals" or "last slights". Aww, darn. I hope I didn't spoil your big surprise.

You've made it clear how you feel abour your son, myself and our children a million times over the years. Don't you think we'd figure that out by now that you're hoping to get one last dig in after your funeral? My husband may even choose not to attend the reading of your will and will appoint an attorney who will be instructed to only tell my husband what (if anything) he's getting rather than for my husband to have to listen to how his siblings will get more.

It will be worth whatever money is spent on an attorney to not have to sit in the same room as his siblings while you show your ignorance and malice via your will. No thank you, he's not interested. You all have fun with it, though.

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