I Hate My Inlaws!

Story Time

Posted on Thu, Feb. 23, 2023 at 11:47 pm

So, this story about my BIL might contain some guestimates, but I'm pretty sure I'm essentially right on the money...

BIL was feeling inadequate compared to all of his siblings, so he shacks up with a dimwit who buys into all of his BS and who inexplicably seems to enjoy his constant preening and showing off. He begins to mooch off of her over time, plying her with promises of a better tomorrow when he one day elevates his career. She, being delighted at the idea of taking advantage of his promised career is happy to wipe his bottom for him while he upskills.

Eventually, the honeymoon phase starts to wane and neither of them are looking all that wonderful to one another but they stay together for the mutual benefits (and besides, it makes them both look better to others to be in a "stable" relationship. What an embarrassment it would be if he had to admit yet again that he can't maintain an adult relationship!).

I just want to say to that precious vacuous female that she should realize that anyone who knows BIL knows that he chose her for some very specific reasons. We also all know that anyone who would stay with BIL long-term is likely doltish, naively hoping for a better tomorrow, and a trampy poser who can't do any better.

There's no accounting for taste, Girl, so we're all making some rather unsavory assumptions about you.

The FOO tried (in vain) to brag about this floozie briefly but ran out of steam quickly into the bragging...and it was never brought up again (likely because the truth is stranger than the fiction). That's OK, FOO, we know she's a bimbo that is dating your jackass son. Given MIL's strange behaviors at the holidays it's obvious that she feels "some kind of way" about the relationship as well.

We weren't fooled by your original attempts to brag about it, and we're under no illusions that it's anything other than a beneficial business relationship with benefits...one that is likely struggling to look "normal" to outside observers and yet is anything but. You all have fun with that.

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