I Hate My Inlaws!

To Husband’s Mother

Posted on Tue, Nov. 08, 2022 at 11:22 am

Remember your favorite child and their children?

Where are they now? Yes, the wonderful ones that can do no wrong that your life revoked around that you always compared myself and my children to always?

Let us see…. Where are they? Still don’t see them or hear from them?

One might think that they used you and are done with you now.

It don’t work out so well for you.

If you would of invested even 5 percent of decency, kindness to your son and I’s children, it would of been better for you now.

Did you know that your adult granddaughter would of been there for you? She is even in the medical field and knits and crochets beautiful items. You could of had a homemade sweater!

She would he following your medical issues and watching out for you and cared.

Oh course, you had to never get to know her and tell her how stupid it is to knit and she should just buy things at thrift stores that someone already knit.

Also, that anything she makes isn’t as wonderful as ugly wedding dress that one of your daughters sewed a million years ago!

The hoys? Remember when one of them volunteered to buy and deliver adult diapers for you? You criticized him getting the wrong brand and shamed him instead of being grateful. He is done with with you.

The youngest son? He saw your true colors and you never tried to get to know him either. He asks me if you are dead yet.

How did you treat me? Horribly thankfully and you didn’t ever hide it. I have nothing to do with you or making your life better.

Alleged female parent, you put all your eggs in the wrong basket, and now you have your current reality.

We don’t care about you. You aren’t valued or loved by us.

Take care or not,

As far as we are concerned you don’t matter and never did.

It is unacceptable how mean and hateful you have been to me the mother of children from your son and our our children.

You don’t even exist to us. Oh, you need to place to stay and someone to take care of you?

Nope, nope…..

You don’t even exist to us

Ask your “favorite” people. They aren’t around? It is of your doing.

Bye (and not good bye)


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