I Hate My Inlaws!

I hate you all........Part 9

Posted on Fri, Nov. 04, 2022 at 03:22 pm

First, just let me express that I hate you all.

How do I hate thee, let me count the ways….

1) If it weren’t for the fact that you people are related by blood, you wouldn’t be friends. Only the “sisters” have a relationship with each other. Since the years your parents have been dead you feel the need to continue holidays. Why? Throughout the year you have nothing to do with DH, your brother. Only the years that the “sisters” had a friendship with me was there anything close to a family relationship (but that all stopped when you stopped speaking to me 5 years ago didn’t it? Because without me, he has nothing in common with you and he’s a private person). Then comes the holidays and you start your group texting blowing up his phone. Have you noticed that he doesn’t respond? 1. He doesn’t like texting, 2. He despises group texting, & 3. He loathes your babbling. If you’re planning the holiday, it takes one person to let him know when & where and if he’s not busy, he’ll be there with his “plus 1”. That’s me, his wife of 30 years.
2) For the 2nd time in a matter of months, SIL #2 has come home from another state and did anyone bother to let DH, your brother know? Maybe he would have liked to have visited with her or maybe not, but he wasn’t given that choice. The 1st time I kept my mouth shut, the 2nd time I pointed it out to DH. You people suck.
3) Step-DIL, what is it with you? You pretend to make nice with me (and I let you because I want no part of this family’s drama) and you continue to lie to me and participate with the “sisters”, your aunts-in-laws, in their “not speaking to me” club. You are a bitch.

I can go on and on, but I won’t. Let me tell you where this not speaking to me has gotten you. You have no access to us or what may be going on with us personally, especially those things that family usually share, like health, financial, the estranged child & grandchildren issue, my work or my parents’ wellbeing that we once shared on a friendly basis. Yes, we will continue on with the mundane chit chat about nothing when we’re in each other’s presence, but should anything happen to DH, your brother and FIL, you will read about it in the paper.

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