I Hate My Inlaws!

The Fascade

Posted on Tue, Sep. 20, 2022 at 12:47 pm

Oh IL's, you are so adorable ((sarcasm)). A VERY rosy picture was painted, but we're discovering through sources that things might not be exactly as they were relayed to us. Of course, we knew there were some...exaggerations...because we know all of you, and for a certain IL to suggest that everyone was deliriously happy we knew immediately to question the entire story.

You see, you've all been so unsufferably miserable for so long, that we knew there was no way that suddenly, out of the blue, every last person was filled with success and blinding, exuberant joy. None of you are even capable of cracking the sides of your faces long enough to express anything beyond irritated misery much of the time...well, that is (of course) unless you're trying to show off to us and give the fascade that we're somehow missing out on the amazingness that is your family.

Nope, we're actually not. We're quite happy living too far of a drive away for an easy visit (oh darn). We're quite happy not wondering if your feigned "successes" are valid (we're sure you occassionally make some headway, just like most humans).

One thing we didn't need to be a detective to figure out was the timing of certain upcoming plans vs. what the "story" has been. It's a shame people have to come up with excuses for why they don't want to jump through hoops to appease your overweaning ego, PIL's. It's obvious to US what the real feelings are, and we're hours away from you. I'm sure people much closer to the action are also slowly starting to see RIGHT THROUGH the fascade.

Naturally, no one will point it out to you how obvious it is that you are all actually rather miserable and that the stories you've been telling might be more like porky pies.

Don't worry, we won't say anything...because we have absolutely nothing to do with your greater circle of numbed "admirers".

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