I Hate My Inlaws!

You may be happy, MIL

Posted on Fri, Aug. 05, 2022 at 11:16 am

Well, MIL, you see your own son as garbage, and I guess that is what you raised him to be. We are married 11 years, a marriage you never respected and it got you cut off quite a few years ago. Now I am planning ahead for divorce. Not yet, I'm going to plan ahead, but it will happen, unless something changes. You raised him without real morals and now it shows. You were against me having children bc I was/am older, yet you are proud of anyone you approve of having children young and collecting money from the government to do so - and with no father around. Although my situation is not ideal given my husband's, your son's, activities, I at least started out not bringing children into a situation with no father. Though I don't judge that, but you judge me for doing my best, bc "women should have their babies young". You raised your children as products of divorce and remarriage where your first husband beat you and your second husband cheated on you, but you stayed with him for his money, and you hold some moral high ground to me? Get over yourself. In any case, when I do eventually leave your son, I guess that will make you happy. That is horrible, to wish someone's marriage will fail. I was kind to you, I tried to forget an at least decent relationship with you, but you just wanted to be petty and hateful. Don't be proud of yourself or satisfied.

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