I Hate My Inlaws!

Thank you Mil

Posted on Tue, Nov. 23, 2021 at 08:16 am

You make it so easy for me to impress my husband!

He thanks me daily for all the big and little things that I do!

I know you don’t like me because I am the opposite of you!

However, he wanted me to be his wife because;

I look feminine,

have good hygiene,

am kind, knew I would be a nurturing mom to his children,

I am a clean person who takes pride in maintaining the home,

I am a good cook

I put the lid down on the toilet, (and clean it too)

I dress in a feminine way,

I decorate and continue to make the look more attractive in a ongoing manner

my baked goods are delicious

I clean up behind myself (and others if needed)

I take out the garbage and donate what I don’t want or use

Again, thank you for setting the goal line so low!

You make me come across as extra successful as a wife, mother, home decorator. home cleaner, compassionate and friendly human being, cook, homemaker, etc

It is sad that my husband was excited to find a woman who is the opposite of you! He deserved a better mother!

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