I Hate My Inlaws!

Mil do you remember saying?

Posted on Sat, Nov. 20, 2021 at 10:20 pm

- “Don’t worry everyone, it won’t last with her. She won’t be around long.” (27 years ago…)

-“She is too young for you.” (I was 22 then.)

-“You look like you spend too much of my sons money.” (I may look high maintenance but I am a thrift store shopper, who color rinses, does her own nails and toenails, and cut her own hair.

-“You snuck out of the store after seeing me.”

-“Why would you knit when you can buy knitted items at thrift stores?

-“Are you not aware how wonderful my ——- (career) daughter is compared to you. You may knit but one time many, many years ago, she sewed something. She is actually talented. She is a better mom than you and is very hard working. I see you took time to paint your nails. This tells me that you aren’t hard working. My daughter ——- is always working so hard that she doesn’t have time to ever paint her nails.”

-“ Are you not aware how terrific my —- (other daughter / different career daughter is compared to you? Everyone loves her.”

“How dare you offer to bake cookies with my grandchild. Only I am allowed to bake cookies with him.”

“How dare you offer to take my grandchild to the pool. I couldn’t trust you.” (Yet, I was/ have a very experienced Nanny, Preschool teacher, and babysitter with a Early Childhood Degree.)

Then, I became a mom and let her push the stroller with my baby in it one time, she tried to a walk into non stop traffic when it wasn’t clear saying that “I have the right of way. They have to let me cross.”

I was right there to stop it from happening thankfully and didn’t trust her to ever supervise or even push my children or babies in a stroller. My husband agreed with me!

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