I Hate My Inlaws!

Let it snow ⛄️ Now, there is a toilet …

Posted on Mon, Nov. 15, 2021 at 01:57 am

view when we look out our front windows in a relative of husbands propriety. It is just sitting there next to the other stuff.

Thankfully, with our location being in a 4 season area, we have snow for some of the year to hide the junk that is just sitting there.

Also, we have blinds and curtains. They were both invented for people with toilet views.

Who needs a lake view, a forest view, etc? We have not only a in law, and a random toilet!

Why not decorate the toilet with Xmas tree lights? It goes with the theme of his relatives! When they get drunk, it could be convenient with less stumbling going inside to a restroom 🚽. Instead of drunk driving, they could sit on outdoor toilet and use a round item as a steering wheel and pretend to drive! It would make the roads safer for everyone! Why? Because his relatives mom works for the court system and he gets sway with crashing into homes, Mail boxes, power lines with no consequences!

The toilet could be sat on a board with wheels on and a rope! They could have a low class parade and rock what they are! I can see him sitting on the toilet waving and getting drunk while another of husbands relatives pulls him around the block!

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