I Hate My Inlaws!

Stay Out Of Our Business, Sister

Posted on Thu, Oct. 07, 2021 at 04:21 pm

Please, please, PLEASE stay out of our business. Yes, it's bad that his car won't start. Yes, he's gonna have it towed to FIL (a mechanic who has the unique blessing of being divorced from the den of women).

Yes, I did tell him to 'consider other options first' when he needed a ride to the rent-a-car. No, I did not say I would not take him.
No, that doesn't make me unsupportive. No, that does not give you the right to call me an ungrateful bitch who takes advantage of him. No, that does not give you the right to say that I am dependent on his money. No, that does not give you the right to freak out at me through text and piss off MIL.
No, I did not call MIL a bitch, I said she was 'bitching out' my already stressed and exhausted partner, because YOU ran your mouth with what YOU thought YOU heard. But thanks for telling her that, now I have two drama queens to deal with. Really hoping this wrecks my chances at having to sit through Christmas and watching you two hens struggle to hide how much you both hate me.

I regret giving you my number. I should have known from the tone in your voice that you had realized you got caught bad mouthing me to him over speaker phone and made up a quick, shitty excuse to get my number just to be a massive pain in my ass.

My car is nearly as old as you are and on its last legs, the rent-a-car is an hour out, and I had to be up at 2AM for my job which pays HALF of our bills, and could not sleep because now I'm worrying about not one but two cars. This is a two paycheck household and I pay for all of our food, household bills and commodities.

Please note, I still drove him. I still paid for his rental car, too. Please shove your condescending 'he works so hard so you can sit on your butt and do nothing' speech up your assumptive asshole.

You had no, absolutely no right to cause us this amount of drama and I know it is because you are unhappy in your own drug addled life and want to feel vindicated.

Your ability to lie is one of the things I absolutely hate the most about you.
I could give a rat's ass about you and MIL not accepting me even after all this time. I could give a rat's ass about either of your neurotic tendencies. He chose me, and I come first.

It's kind of funny that when MIL called, she at least had learned to start the conversation with 'so SIL is freaking out and I don't know how much is true...' because even she has become reluctant to believe your nonsense.

But for the love of god, stay out of our business. Go cause drama with your boyfriend, your mother, whomever. Both your brother and father have learned it's best to just ignore you, so you can cross them off your list.

I regret not having done the same, but you hit a nerve and I'm emotional when I'm exhausted. For the good of both of us, keep me blocked and stay as far away as you can from anything that's my business.

Signed, dealing with it on their own.

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