I Hate My Inlaws!

MIL's Insults

Posted on Thu, Oct. 07, 2021 at 11:20 am

I realize that you think you're incredibly clever with your little dig against Americans...and right to my face, even! Wow, that was super clever of you!! You even said it with my husband standing right there, too! I guess that was our little punishment for...what?...for DH not responding to your FB messages or us not calling you back quickly enough?

It's OK when you never respond to our messages (especially MINE), but if we take more than 48 hours then we get the horns? That's pretty sad.

What's also sad is that since you said that right in front of my husband, he wasn't able to suggest that I had simply misheard you (as has happened a time or two in the past when your little digs were done out of his sight or were done more covertly).

Because you were so direct with your insult, he couldn't pass it off as you possibly not wording your thoughts very well, and because he gave you an opportunity to walk your comment back when he offered you an alternate wording (and you completely ignored what he said), he now realizes that you absolutely meant to be insulting. He knows it was purposeful and aimed at being as insulting as you could be.

He sometimes likes to give you the benefit of the doubt when you're being ignorant, but he simply could not do that this time.

Your impatience caused you to throw out that knee-jerk insult, and now he realizes that you haven't changed a single bit. You're still just as bitter and vindictive as you've ever been.

Ever notice how we never say insulting things about your fellow countrymen? We never insult you or the other miserable folks around you? That's because we have class and couth.

Oh, and p.s. you must have noticed that our kids were confused by your other little dig. They don't really understand passive-aggression and have zero time for it. Right after your call, my dad called and the kids swarmed and chattered away quite happily with him...forgetting all about your mean-spiritedness.

I hope it made you feel a little better to punish us all with your little digs, but it only reminds us of how small-minded and miserable you are.

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