I Hate My Inlaws!

Too-da-loo motherf*cker

Posted on Wed, Oct. 06, 2021 at 12:24 am

I am so happy and relieved to be finally moving away from you! I'm grateful that my husband's job is so far away from here that he can't take the drive any longer that we have to move. I'm relieved to move to another state to flee you and your pathetic bullshit. And guess what? No more shitty Christmas! Go fuck yourself old man with your bimbos that are my age that you keep scaring off. Go buy one of them broken shit from the thrift store like you did to me last year! The only reason I didn't send you poop in the mail is because of your son. But this year I will NOT hold back you decide to pull this shit again. You're a cowardly pussy who is purposely getting your liberal toilet paper delivered to THIS house so you can piss me off. Well I filled out one of those surveys pretending to be you and mailed it back, I'm sure they'll love the responses from you. You try and try again never stopping to get to me. Oh and I threw away the birthday card you sent over without opening it. I couldn't stand to see what you picked out because it's nothing I like. You're a delusional drunk that deserves to be locked up in a room with your morbidly obese ex-wife. You remind me of the devil with your beady eyes. I hoped that the banishing spell I put on you worked. You are so NOT WELCOME in our new home. I'm hoping that the drive is too much for you. You're nothing but a pain in the tits and we can't move away fast enough. Fuck you, you piece of shit devil man! #notmyfatherinlaw

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