I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Sun, Sep. 12, 2021 at 08:40 pm

Welp, FIL has lived with us exactly two weeks and is threatening to leave. He has some toilet issues and refuses to take steps to ameliorate them, such as wear disposable underwear when sleeping or throw out soiled underwear and buy new. Nope, either we wash them in our 1800$ washing machine or he’s leaving. Also, this whole time I have been his DIL, I have been nothing but nice to him. I put my foot down about poop, and now apprently ‘we haven’t ever gotten along’, according to him. Welp, bye old man. Go back to your own house and rot. Your son is willing to forego all inheritance to unburden us of you. It’s not really a threat if you leave and, now that I know you have hated me for years, I don’t have to listen to your asinine stories about food anymore. Yay! I’m free! Whenever you start talking, I’m just going to go into the other room. You have made me so happy.

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