I Hate My Inlaws!

Crazy Horse

Posted on Fri, Sep. 03, 2021 at 03:43 pm

My MIL pretends to be Native American. She is but tested and found not eligible as the minute amount she has. She is narcissistic and I call her crazy horse or dragon breath. Both suit her as her rotten breath stinks like garbage. My daughter who is 3 says Ewwww when she held her and now she hates the child. Or is mad whatever. Children don’t lie. I don’t care either way. She Ketos constantly then when nobody wants to ride her crazy diet train she pouts. Hell I wish she would Keto to death. All that red processed meat. How long does it take to kill? A lifetime of red meat must come home to roost eventually, right? I sure hope so. She has no reason to lose weight with her Orthorexia and all she can’t help it. Crazy Horse ! She’s gross. Neigh…….pffft. I make horse sounds behind her back. They are both vile. FIL is a big titty baby who uses his diabetes to scream and throw tantrums about eating. His favorite word is Lunch. She rules all the food at their house and re uses leftovers even after they’re putrid. You have to be careful around Crazy Horses refrigerator. You could get very sick as she’s very dirty. The sink has hasn’t been washed in years. Seriously years. And FIL diabetes meds makes him shat 8 times a day often you will go int the bathroom and immediately leave as there is smeared shit all over the seat. They even have a bidet which I’m sure the nozzles full of shit. You just leave and I pee outside. God I will be so happy when they die and we get the money. That’s all they’re good for.

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