I Hate My Inlaws!

Your son and your grandaughter . . .

Posted on Thu, Sep. 02, 2021 at 02:30 am

are entirely out of your league. Your granddaughter (my daughter) was producing original works of art in clay and metal by the time she was 13, and you were still buying her crappy little art projects from the discount craft store. She got prizes and awards in science, but you worried because she didn't do well in history and said it was because I had stopped working and had taken her out of the after-school program. Your son (my DH) could have had a PhD by his mid-20s if you had given him the slightest encouragement. You wouldn't let him check out books from the library because they were "too mature for him." You wouldn't let my daughter watch the news because it was "too biased." DH is on the spectrum, and he doesn't understand the nuances of human relationship because you warped him with your incestuous, control-freak attention. And now DH finally has his master's degree in a STEM field and his promotion, and DD is giving lectures to her fellow calculus students and majoring in a STEM field that didn't even exist when I was in university, but you still treat both of them like minions. You don't deserve them, and you certainly don't deserve me.

Love (not!), the DIL you seriously underestimated

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