I Hate My Inlaws!

MIL Has Kidney Disease

Posted on Wed, Sep. 01, 2021 at 09:14 am

I am NC with my in-laws, but I'm actually feeling sorry for my MIL. She's been diagnosed with stage 3b kidney disease. My husband has always kind of neglected his mother. My husband is all up in my FIL's a$$, but for some reason, he never calls her or checks in on her. He never takes her to lunch. Instead, FIL calls my husband, bitching about how she sleeps all the time and how she doesn't cook anymore. Hey, assholes! She's dying! Her kidneys aren't filtering the bad stuff out of her blood and she's tired. (Am I really standing up for my horrible MIL?)

My theory is that MIL always thought she'd outlive her narcissistic, controlling husband. She envisioned herself finally having peace, and now his womanizing a$$ is going to outlive her. I also predict he'll be remarried within a year. He's got to have a constant "supply" for his ego.

I have flat-out told my husband he's being a bad son and that he needs to go spend some time with his mother! He just has zero interest. It's unsettling, really. If something terminal like that happens to me, is he going to have the same selfish attitude?

I'm sorry about your son, MIL. I really have tried to nudge him your way. What the f did you do (or not do) to him to make him feel this way about you? Or did your npd husband just create this unhealthy, unbalanced triangulation to feed his insatiable ego? Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

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