I Hate My Inlaws!

Yawn. You're predictable.

Posted on Thu, Jul. 08, 2021 at 04:34 pm

Ok, then, bring it.

Bring you, basement dwelling BIL, and the golden kid over for a chat. Just know we have receipts and witnesses.

If you upload that video one more time there WILL be court action. If you hack my phone, sign into MY social media to send messages to my friends or stalk any of my children then lawyers will become involved.

I know about everything.

To this point I've taken the high road. No, not high like BIL the addict. I've made the conscious decision NOT to seek revenge or engage in your petty game play. Things change.

It takes pretty sick people to secretly record someone and then use that to hurt innocent family and friends all in the name of revenge. Incredibly sick.

I know what you did to my Dad too.

Sick and sad.

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