I Hate My Inlaws!

Interracial relationships

Posted on Sat, May. 03, 2014 at 10:54 pm

In laws you are the most racist bunch of people in the world. SIL your ignorant and confused- you claim your blacker than I will ever be because you listen to the latest rap music, use the n-word excessively also according to you mixed kids are the best looking kids ( SIL- ugly comes in all colors- for example your kid),you cook "black food", fyi mac and cheese out of the box and chicken nuggets isn't black its shitty food stupid and your attempt of "talking black" is just insulting, last time i checked retarded wasn't a language. Aunt in Law you're open about the fact that you will be with any race except mine- yet the many men that you were with from all different races "but mine" beat your ass and cheated on you. hhmm maybe it isn't the race maybe its your choice in men, maybe its you. BIL according to you women of my race are low class, nasty, ghetto, but you stuck to your own race and look what you got a low class ghetto whore thats always in some cat fight every week, and collecting foodstamps. Even DH is sickened by the bigotry, and wants nothing to do with 'you people'.

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