I Hate My Inlaws!

wi mother in law.bitch!

Posted on Sat, Jun. 08, 2013 at 09:32 am

i met my now , wife in 2009,i knew on the first date,her mom had control issues.always over minding my wife about everything,and i mean everything.from emotional abuse for 14 years to stealing her meds so she would have seizures,to lieing to us about her having breast cancer,knowing i am a survivor myself,she told us she had a large lump in her breast and it was casncer and she isnt going to have it delt with.so i stepped in and was going to take her to her DR apt's and chemo and whatever.so the thing is,is she never went to the DR after i gave in.no mention of the tumor or cyst or anything,that HAS ALWAYS EATEN MY INSIDE.she started stealing my wifes xanax,10 to 15 out of the bottle at a time,if my wife didnt give her some,she would get treated like hell even more bringing my wife down into the dumps again.one night, because she just had to give my inlaws 10 xanax my wife had a grandmal seizure from not taking xanax for ten day,her body was missing it so much it shut off,my wife had 3 councilors tell her to stay away as far as she can from her mom ,also to keep her daughter away.when i finally got her to move,she became even a bigger bitch.getting everyone involved,like my wifes daughter was hers,she even told my wife,that girl is mine when my wifes daughter was born.she is such a control freak.drinking and driving with my daughter in the car. smoking weed,doing bongs while kids are at the house growing pot at the house outside.,my daughter now knows what a bong is.grandpa breathes into a glass bottle she says and then he chokes is what she told a neighbor. telling my wife,she is fat and ugly,and don't look good repeatedly making her morale shit and bringing her self esteem to '0'level.i am so sick of this bitch,we had to go to the family violence center at home and to the clerk of courts and to the sheriff dept also the police dept where they live and let them know everything.till this day she has tried several times to still control my wife and has tried several times to take my daughter from other family watching her,showing up at work and bothering them,calling them at work.telling them lies that people already know are false.i hate this lady with every once in me for ruining my wife and how she thinks of herself. because of the emotional abuse my wife is afraid to finish law school,inside her head she hears her mom laughing at her.

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