I Hate My Inlaws!

Husband caused tension with in-laws.

Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2009 at 09:25 pm

The story here is: My husband and I have been married for not quite 3 years. Our first year he was quite immature, not ready to be a husband and I didn't handle his immature, bachelor like behavior well,so I wasn't perfect either. We separated. After marriage counseling, we reconciled. However, one of the problems in our marriage that drove us apart in the first place was that everytime he had a problem with me,minor or major, he would call his mom and tell her all about it. Nevermind that he only told her one side of the story,the side that left out what he did wrong and only pointed out what I did wrong.Some stories that he told her, I later found out, did not have a bit of truth to them, but he didn't want people to know that he played a role in our separation so it was easier to blame me, even if it required him to make up stories about me. Long story short, his mom called me and told me that I was a "troublemaker" and all wrong for him based on what her son had told her. She had judged me and based her judgement and anger towards me on her son's one-sided stories which lacked much truth.After that, his mom and other family members began to treat me cold. Living in a small town, I also found out that they had begun to spread the lies that he told. Now we've been happily reconciled for over a year,and worked out most of our problems with hard work, counseling, and time.However, for the holidays I have told him because of his poor decisions that instigated trouble between his mother and I before, I do not like her and do not feel comfortable around her but that he and my son can visit them for the holidays all they like. This made him angry and he did not understand. Since he is responsible for the tension between his family and I, I don't feel responsible to spend time with them. Am I wrong? Someone PLEASE tell me if I am Wrong.

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