I Hate My Inlaws!

Thanks for Nothing

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2009 at 01:55 pm

I just wanted to say thanks to my in-laws; Here goes;

Thanks MIL, for giving me advice on everything under the sun including, but not limited to;
What to cook for your son and my own daughter
How to cook food according to your taste preferences, not mine, even though you serve food that's supposed to be hot, cold, and usually yours tasted bland and/or boring
How to raise my own daughter
What kinds of clothes to buy her
Where to buy furniture
What kinds of furniture to buy and what colors, including how much to spend!
Where to go on vacation and if we should go at all, and then when we do, acting super jealous. PATHETIC.
What to eat for lunch
What time to eat lunch, according to you, it needs to be at exactly 12:00
What kind of dog to get and if I should get a dog at all
How to decorate my own house
How to best pack and move how you would do it
How to do my own dishes

Thanks FIL for the reasons below;
Telling me how to eat healthy when you sit and eat nothing but disgusting processed "food"
Telling me not to have dessert, do you think you are my dad? Don't kid yourself!
Telling me I put on weight
Making all sorts of snide remarks
Being a two-faced liar
Staring me down like a hawk, are you a perv perhaps?
Complaining all the time to us, giving unwanted advice
Looking for things that are wrong w/everything, 24/7
Having a nasty attitude 24/7 and ruining anything and everything, whether it be a party, holidays, going out to eat together, going to the zoo...
Being boring as fu*k and making me yawn and want to get away from you
Looking ugly, while criticizing me as much as possible
Being annoying and making retarded remarks as well as stating obvious things all the time
Having a big ego
Having a FT job, plus 3 more PT ones, very few bills, yet always being "broke" and asking your son to buy you things, 'cuz your too lazy to do it yourself.
Being involved in all the boring city events because you have no other life or interests besides the community and harassing me. I never did anything to you. You succeeded though-I finally hate you! Please go away and leave me alone. I want nothing more to do with you.

Thank you BIL for;
Borrowing money which was never repaid
Having an dirty attitude when we ask to be repaid
Being a snob all these years
Being a big gossip
Being a pretty-boy and too lazy to work, instead, expecting everyone else to foot the bill for your laziness and overspending
Making snide remarks to me and talking trash behind my back when you didn't even know me
Thinking you are better than just about everyone
Never having anything to do with us at all for the past 9 years, but then coming along wanting to borrow money, must take real courage! I should have said no!

Thanks SIL for;
Being a snob
Having a loud, annoying laugh and trying to get attention all the time
Looking ugly, yet thinking your the cutest thing in the world!
Gushing over our daughter, yet barely acknowledging us at all
You are a freak! Stay away from my daughter!

Bottom line; I hate you all. Before I met all of you, I never knew how much I could hate someone. It makes me wonder if my husband was adopted or something. Because he's like NONE of you all. Go die for all I care.

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