I Hate My Inlaws!

You do know you have other grandkids, right?

Posted on Wed, Sep. 16, 2009 at 06:08 pm

Why is it always MY family that helps out? My father has terminal cancer and my mom watches our four kids so I can work a few hours a week. You better bet I pay her for it! You, on the other hand, are too busy with your one grandchild to pay any attention to the others that you have. Hell you haven't even called in six weeks to find out how any of us are doing? You certainly haven't called to see how my father is doing or if perhaps you could come out for a few days so I can give moral support to my parents during doctor visits and treatment. Oh no, you're too busy helping your daughter and grandson that LIVE with you. Meanwhile, I work my part time job, in addition to taking care of our kids which is a full time job, and your son certainly doesn't help out either. It is always MY mom that gives me that extra hand. She tries to turn down any payment from me but I force her to take it. I would love for you to pry your ass away from your wonderful life and come out here to spend time with the kids I had with your son. They had Grandparents Day at school the other day and who showed up? None other than my mom and my dad. Not you. Oh no, you're planning bridal showers for your nieces and doing only god know what else. Speaking of bridal showers and weddings, THANK YOU for the one you gave us! Oh that's right... you didn't. See we didn't get married in the God Almighty Catholic church like your daughter did or your various nieces. I guess that makes their marriage more valid than the one I have with your son. I may have taken my vows in front of the Justice of Peace but they mean just as much to us as they do in a church, you frigging hypocrite! Once again, my parents were there and it was MY family that gave us a wedding gift. No one from your family so much as send a damn card!! Yet you continually send me bridal shower invitations every damn year for your other son, your nieces, your daughter and expect me to send gifts. And as much as I resent it because no one acknowledged mine, I still send a frigging gift. You think I don't know how much you spent on your daughter's wedding? Or how much you spent to send your other son and his new wife on a honeymoon? You couldn't even take the time to pick out a 99 cent Hallmark card for us. Now that your daughter and grandson is living with you, you have no time for any of your other grandchildren. I apparently will never live up to your standards but you won't live up to mine either. Rot in hell.

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