I Hate My Inlaws!

They Did What????

Posted on Mon, Oct. 04, 2010 at 02:22 pm

My in-laws decided that since their son wasn't close to them as they wanted, they would simply move from their hometown to ours and spend the summer visiting. They spent almost 3 months here, hoping and repeatedly asking for their son "to call, hang out together, go golfing, have them over for dinner or have them over and they'd cook lasanga" etc. Needless to say, husband tried to avoid them as much as possible because he's not close to them for reasons that they don't want to address. The irony is they have always thought they never get to see their son because of me, well, husband could have picked up the phone anytime he wanted to chat, visit, have lunch, hang out as much as he wanted since they were "in town" but HE DIDN'T!

Husband was mad from the beginning of FIL calling to tell him about this move. Didn't appreciate announcing that they were spending the summer here without asking what he thought. They invited themselves just like they have always done.
Sad thing about this, their son is just even more dissatisfied with them and their arrogant behavior. Could have gone so much better considering we had holidays, birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate during this time but instead, it simply felt "strained" that they were here and husband didn't want to be around them that much. The last night they were over to our house was only 1.5 hours and it felt like hell per hubby. They talked, talked endlessly and loudly! Hubby "gears up" for their annual visit and then it's like "Ahhhh...they're gone for another year". Sad but the truth!

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