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Oh happy day!

Posted on Thu, Oct. 01, 2009 at 10:31 am

***Something thats been on my mind lately***
I look forward to the day that I get to place my MIL in the old folks home. Every time she starts in with her crap I smile and think about how happy I will be when that day finally comes. I will find the darkest, oldest, crappiest place known to man. My DH works long hours so he will not be able to assist me in finding this "assisted living center." I will drop MIL off, kicking and screaming, without even stopping the car. I will simply nudge her out the door as my tires squel around the curb. As I drive by with my middle finger out the window and in the air I will smile as I watch her roll and tumble into the arms of a burly orderly who immediately injects her with a sedative. I'm sure that I will also be laughing uncontrollably. Then, I will do the macarena the whole way home stopping only at the closest bar to buy everyone inside a round of drinks.

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 22, 2009 at 11:05 am

I ask myself all the time : Why do I keep on trying to fit in with these people? Why do I waste my time trying to please them? I know these people dont like me, and never will. Why?
Why do I keep putting myself in a position to be hurt? Why do I set myself up for the kill?
I can see these things coming, but I jump in front of the bus like a dumbass everytime.
Why do I care if they dont like me? Why do I care? I must be the biggest damn loser in the whole world. What a idiot I am to want these people to be around me. How can I be so nice to youall when you all treat me like shit.???
All I ever wanted was to fit in, I never got half a chance from any of you.
I know i haved done some stupid thigns in my life, and I know I'lll probably do some more. Ive made many mistakes i wish I could undo.
Most of all I wish I had never let any of you make me cry, because now I see that none of you were ever worth a single tear.
So now I just hope you all

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Posted on Thu, Jul. 30, 2009 at 06:21 pm

My sister told me she wanted me to post this story here about something that happened to me over 25 years ago, she says it gives her the reds every time she thinks about it.

Back then.... my husband and I owned 2 really good riding horses, we had all the tack and everything you could imagine for horses. We used to go riding almost every weekend, looking for deer, deer tracks, arrowheads... and whatever.
Sometimes I would go riding by myself, especially after a good rain to find arrowheads.
Although I knew this pissed my mother-in-law off to no end, I realy didnt care, it was my business.... and my husband didnt care either, as a matter of fact he liked that i did.

Then one monday when I came home from town, and went to put the horse feed in the barn I noticed the horse pen gate was wide open. I went nuts looking for our horses, I loved them! Then I seen that all our saddles, bridles, blankets... everything was gone too! Even my feed bucket was gone.
I looked for them for several days... called everyone who lived nearby, including mother and father-in-law... No one had seen our horses.

Several days later husband finds out that his parents had came while i was gone to town and loaded up all our horses and tack and carried it all and left them to sale at the horse auction, and they were sold for soap, and they had got a check for around 350 dollars.

We never got a dime of that. In the tack there was nearly new herford saddle we'd just spent a whole paycheck on. Not to mention that those horses were ours, and they were priceless to us.

I spent alot of time crying about my horse. I still do sometimes even after all this time.

I wish I could go back and handle that situation diffrently. Back in the ol' days they hanged horse thieves.

Sis. ... there it is.

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she was bad and i caught her

Posted on Sun, Aug. 16, 2009 at 10:16 pm

Ive got one of those mother-in-laws that thinks its her God given right to snoop my house and plunder my private things and do whatever she wants in my house while me and my family are not at home.
Amazingly, she has never ever cameto visit in the entire 31+ years since I married her son. Never been to any of our 3 kids birthdays, or our 3 year old grand childs, whoalso lives with us.
Shes done things like throw all my clothes out of the closet and took my husbands work clothes from the dresser to hang in the closet.
Shes threw out a couch that was maybe a year or two old,(it was mostly hunter green and brick red in a southwest print) and replaces it with a light blue plaid couch of hers that was over 20 years old and missing a leg, and then tells me i now have something good to sit on. You can only imagaine the clash, not to mention the redass I had!!!!
I had a collection of owl figurines, i had them in a box when we were making a move. she broke several before i could get her stopped. she told me they were just ugly dust catchers and i should throw them all away. The bitch!!
Shes taken sets of keys from my house and/or car and had them copied and passed to other family members. This has costed a fortune over the years to replace locks.
Shes opened my mail, rifled thru personal letters, examined our bank statements.
She drove her tractor over and bush hogged my entire rosebed of over 100 bushes while i was sick in bed. And later asks why I never send her flowers anymore. (dumbass)
Oh, believe me I could tell so much more!
Anyways, I would continously gripe about her to my husband. He thought it was all in my mind, his mammas a saint, you know?
So one day I was on the internet and found some survalance cameras pretty cheap, at x10.com, I bought a set that had like 6 motion sensor cameras. I set them up as soon as they arrived.
The first day I left home, I couldnt wait to get back and see if I was right about her. Sure enough, I got her on a 45 minute plunderfest! It was so good to show it to my husband and just say I TOLD YOU SO!
Not only that first month did Icatch her several times, but also caught my beauty queen sil and the friends she brought. sil even showed these people my underwear, and talked about me like i was a dog.
I wonder if it ever crossed her stupid little mind that they knew she was the one tresspassing and being the bitch?
When I later confronted them about going thru my things in my house whiile i was gone they denied it, little did they know that I had showed almost everyone else in the room the video evidence.
so now most everyone knows she and sister-in-law are meddeling plunder snoopers and liars!!!
You both were very bad, and I caught you. You cant deny that!
I hate the both of you bitches.

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8 things id rather do than spend xmas with you

Posted on Thu, Nov. 05, 2009 at 10:29 pm

8. Pour gasoline on myself and light
a cigarette
7. Go skydiving with no parachute
6. Swim in a pool of razor blades
5. Rip off all my finger nails
4. Flush my eyes out with acid
3. Blow dry my hair in the bathtub
2. Stick my head in an over at 450 degrees
1. Go to my parents house cause at least they are not psycho!

I will not ever come over to your house you sick sadistic jerry springer freaks!

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Father in Law for SALE

Posted on Wed, Sep. 30, 2009 at 12:56 am

For Sale: Used FIL, large, brown/grey, 1950's model, does not work well with women, is partially house trained, except when an occasion (including a bbq RIGHT outside the house) might present the opportunity to urinate outdoors. Unit is fully self-aware, unfortunately the "awareness of others" feature is broken. Not an effective communicator, or companion, as this model was manufactured in a poor environment in a Louisianna slum. Defects include, but are not limited to, sudden outbursts of anger, hurtful pointed commets, temper tantrums, manipulation and pouting...yes, pouting (apparently this unit was never upgraded from the "infant" model). May be an effective paper weight, bottle opener, and door stop, but USE CAUTION in door jam, as the unit may attempt to use you as the door matt. Price reduced due to age, but retains much of it's original value as the brain portion is virtually unused. Any takers???!?

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Husband caused tension with in-laws.

Posted on Wed, Nov. 18, 2009 at 09:25 pm

The story here is: My husband and I have been married for not quite 3 years. Our first year he was quite immature, not ready to be a husband and I didn't handle his immature, bachelor like behavior well,so I wasn't perfect either. We separated. After marriage counseling, we reconciled. However, one of the problems in our marriage that drove us apart in the first place was that everytime he had a problem with me,minor or major, he would call his mom and tell her all about it. Nevermind that he only told her one side of the story,the side that left out what he did wrong and only pointed out what I did wrong.Some stories that he told her, I later found out, did not have a bit of truth to them, but he didn't want people to know that he played a role in our separation so it was easier to blame me, even if it required him to make up stories about me. Long story short, his mom called me and told me that I was a "troublemaker" and all wrong for him based on what her son had told her. She had judged me and based her judgement and anger towards me on her son's one-sided stories which lacked much truth.After that, his mom and other family members began to treat me cold. Living in a small town, I also found out that they had begun to spread the lies that he told. Now we've been happily reconciled for over a year,and worked out most of our problems with hard work, counseling, and time.However, for the holidays I have told him because of his poor decisions that instigated trouble between his mother and I before, I do not like her and do not feel comfortable around her but that he and my son can visit them for the holidays all they like. This made him angry and he did not understand. Since he is responsible for the tension between his family and I, I don't feel responsible to spend time with them. Am I wrong? Someone PLEASE tell me if I am Wrong.

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this depresses me so much

Posted on Sat, Jul. 18, 2009 at 09:18 am

We went on a vacation recently and took lots of pictures of ourselves having fun, scenery and other stuff. MIL & FIL wanted pictures to run on their screensaver on the family computer, so I lend them our SD card and they loaded them to thier comouter.
Several days later I was there at thier house and as the pictures were displaying on the screen I noticed that they had cropped me out of every single picture.
I didnt know what to say or do. When I left I cried all the way home. I told my husband about it, and when he went to thier house and saw it himself, he asked why they did it. His mother told him that he married me, not them ,and that they didnt even have to like me.
These people have always treated me fairly decent, but now I realize that they only "tolleratte" me because Im married to thier son.
I dont know what thier problem is with me, I have never done anything I can think of to make them not like me.
I have thought about cropping them out of all the pictures I have and letting them know I didnt marry them, I married thier son... and I dont have to like them either.
But Im not that mean and miserable and hateful.
This whole ordeal has opened my eyes and now I see these people as they realy are, and to think that I actually respected his parents, and loved them.
What a bunch of losers. Hateful miserable mean people. I hope one day we can all get along after this, because I love your son and he loves you all too.
But at this moment I hate your guts and youve realy hurt my feellings. You turned happy vacation memories into a painful reminder, and I cry evertime i think about it.
How did you all smile and greet me with a straight face before? If you had a problem with me .... why didnt you say something about it so we could get over it???
Now that your feelings about me are in the open, your son - - my husband, is caught in the middle. It hurts his feelings also that you do not even try to accept me. He also thought that you guys liked me a lot. Boy, were we wrong.
All I see now is a pair of 2faced inlaws. and I have no respect for you. It feels like i had two friends that back stabbed me and then dumped me.
I am so glad my parents are not like you two. They love your son as they do thier own, and never would do a thing like you did to me.
What yall did was so hateful and in-my-face.
I dread the hoildays coming, are you going to smile now and act friendly twards me? How will I know if you are real or fake??? Either you guys put on such a good front act for me in the past, or I was just too stupid and nieeve to understand your dislike of me.
I want to get ovewr this feeling. I feel like I have lost good friends, but realy it was a oneway street, you never realy liked me anyways.
Now I feel so childish for writing this here, but in a way its realy good to try and say how I feel.
I just wish I had never saw that you cropped me out of our pictures and I could have went on living in my own little bubble where I thought you all liked me, and I was happy.
Im not like you two. I cant act all fake and put on a front, Im just not that way.
And Im not going to beg and grovel for you to like, love or accept me.
All you'd have to do is just talk to me and we could try to work out anything thats bothering you, I would like that very much. But please be honest about your feelings, I cant stand being fake.

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i hate my in laws

Posted on Fri, Oct. 02, 2009 at 02:12 am

they also hate me, and make trouble whenever they can. I just had my baby and they think that itīs ok that they can come to my house, when my mother in law said that i'm not welcomed in her house and I can't go there.
They also give their opinions about the way i take care of my son, I hate all my husband's family, they're mean and talk bad about me, and they make my husband get mad about me.
i really hate them, they're distroying my marriage
what can i do??

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Holidays from Hell

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2009 at 02:43 pm

This is the most dreaded time of the year!!! Joy to the World: not. It is the IL's turn to have Thanksgiving and I am ready to shoot myself in the foot so I can at least be hospitalized for the event.
I'm starting to like the Bergermeister: "Christmas is Cancelled" "No Christmas" that would bring joy to my heart. I would have to spend the holidays with my son and husband ONLY. What a pleasant thought!!!! A girl can dream, can't she?!?
I just have one wish for the holidays: I wish I married an orphan...;o)
I'm just sayin'...

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Caller ID

Posted on Thu, Sep. 10, 2009 at 05:04 am

The greatest invention EVER!!!!!!

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Posted on Wed, Aug. 26, 2009 at 09:20 pm

So glad I realized early on that there is no law on the books requiring me to have a relationship with nasty backstabbing hateful manipulative deceptive in-laws.
Ahhhhhhh.....it's been over a year since I spoke to them. I'm loving life!

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back to the future

Posted on Sun, Jul. 26, 2009 at 12:53 am

If I could go back in time, I would go to the first day I met my MIL, and slap the dogshit out of her when she called me a bitch.

I wonder how that would change things????

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Just go away.

Posted on Thu, Apr. 01, 2010 at 10:43 am

We don't care. Not in any way. Don't even bother to email. Just go away.

We are not jealous of the trips you take. This is the only time you try to communicate. Notice the lack of response? Hear the crickets?

Years of silence don't stop you. You aren't the center of the universe. We do not care.

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I will NOT be bullied

Posted on Fri, Sep. 25, 2009 at 04:23 pm

FIL, you are nothing but a big bully. You stomp around and expect to get your way by intimidating those around you. Guess what, you may be a foot and a half taller than me and 200 pounds heavier than me but it will NOT work on me.

- I will not be pushed around by you.
- I will not back down when you are in a drunken rage.
- I will not go along with your schemes just to keep you quiet.
- I will not hand my kids over to you whenever you demand them.
- I will not leave my kids alone with your drunken ass.
- I will not pack up everything and fly to your home just so you can show off my kids.
- I will not only cook meals you like when you invade our home.
- I will not let you keep the kids from my family during parties in my home.
- I will not hand over my financial documents for you to rifle through.
- I will not tell you how much everything we own costs.
- I will not tell you the amount of tuition I pay for my children to go to school.
- I will not sign any documents allowing you to pick up the children from school. In fact, I will have you arrested for kidnapping if you attempt to pick them up.

In short, I will not be bullied by you.

You may get away with pushing around and belittling your insipid little wife but it won't work with me.

You may control your other children by paying their bills but your child and I pay our own way and will not allow you to use money to control us.

Go to hell!!!

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bizarre tin foil hat wearing sil

Posted on Sat, Mar. 27, 2010 at 03:40 pm

You are just such a freak show. Your DB still feels the same about you and your hateful behavior. Your message was so strange and bizarre that all he could do was shake his head in shock. You clearly have lost your mind. Please put the tin foil hat back on that crazy unwashed head of yours and remember the best way to communicate with us is through those magic tin cans you've collected in your tiny nasty cat pee filled apartment. You really should leave us alone and get yourself prepared for the return of your space friends.

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to my sil, the devils helper

Posted on Fri, Jul. 31, 2009 at 06:56 am

please stop trying to suck me in into your drama, i found out a long time ago how you opperate.

you twist the facts to make a story. you fill in the blanks with lies. you dream up alternate endings. you scam people into falling into your trap. you thrive on starting fights and causing problems. you joy in conflict. you are a evil person.

when i see you coming try to go the other way. when we speak i try to keep it to hello/goodbye.

You repeat gossip,and you just got to spice it up to make it more dramatic. When theres nothing to say you just make stuff up.

we do not have anything in common, we are not friends. i do not like you as you are.

You really need to start miding your own business and quit meddeling in other peoples lives.

People make mistakes, all people. You make things way worse for everybody with your spreading peoples private busniness all thru the family and all over town.

You think you ar a saint. Get real! Your not. Read the bible girl, take note in the ten commandements.... thou shall not lie. thou shalt not bear false witness. Im pretty sure this applies to you.

I can forgive anybody for almost anything, I would like for you to change your ways, I would like ot have the sister-in-law I thought youd be to me.

But until you change your evil ways, stay far away from me. I dont want my name coming up in your little evil plots. I dont want my name and yours to come up in the same conversation. I do not need to be associated with your schemes and trouble making.

Your mind is twisted and you try to spread your misery to everyone. I'd like to see you get some therapy, some kind of help.

at this point i think a exorcism would be in order.

I will be praying for you.

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my troll sils

Posted on Tue, Apr. 20, 2010 at 04:33 am

I have two lovely sils. One of them is certifiably curazzzy. The other is a jealous biatch. Even though they've never ever dated anyone, they both think they are hot. Both are trolls. They have hair growing from their feet and beards. They are both 5'2" in height and 8" wide. How do they fit through doors? Troll magic.

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Thanks for Nothing

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2009 at 01:55 pm

I just wanted to say thanks to my in-laws; Here goes;

Thanks MIL, for giving me advice on everything under the sun including, but not limited to;
What to cook for your son and my own daughter
How to cook food according to your taste preferences, not mine, even though you serve food that's supposed to be hot, cold, and usually yours tasted bland and/or boring
How to raise my own daughter
What kinds of clothes to buy her
Where to buy furniture
What kinds of furniture to buy and what colors, including how much to spend!
Where to go on vacation and if we should go at all, and then when we do, acting super jealous. PATHETIC.
What to eat for lunch
What time to eat lunch, according to you, it needs to be at exactly 12:00
What kind of dog to get and if I should get a dog at all
How to decorate my own house
How to best pack and move how you would do it
How to do my own dishes

Thanks FIL for the reasons below;
Telling me how to eat healthy when you sit and eat nothing but disgusting processed "food"
Telling me not to have dessert, do you think you are my dad? Don't kid yourself!
Telling me I put on weight
Making all sorts of snide remarks
Being a two-faced liar
Staring me down like a hawk, are you a perv perhaps?
Complaining all the time to us, giving unwanted advice
Looking for things that are wrong w/everything, 24/7
Having a nasty attitude 24/7 and ruining anything and everything, whether it be a party, holidays, going out to eat together, going to the zoo...
Being boring as fu*k and making me yawn and want to get away from you
Looking ugly, while criticizing me as much as possible
Being annoying and making retarded remarks as well as stating obvious things all the time
Having a big ego
Having a FT job, plus 3 more PT ones, very few bills, yet always being "broke" and asking your son to buy you things, 'cuz your too lazy to do it yourself.
Being involved in all the boring city events because you have no other life or interests besides the community and harassing me. I never did anything to you. You succeeded though-I finally hate you! Please go away and leave me alone. I want nothing more to do with you.

Thank you BIL for;
Borrowing money which was never repaid
Having an dirty attitude when we ask to be repaid
Being a snob all these years
Being a big gossip
Being a pretty-boy and too lazy to work, instead, expecting everyone else to foot the bill for your laziness and overspending
Making snide remarks to me and talking trash behind my back when you didn't even know me
Thinking you are better than just about everyone
Never having anything to do with us at all for the past 9 years, but then coming along wanting to borrow money, must take real courage! I should have said no!

Thanks SIL for;
Being a snob
Having a loud, annoying laugh and trying to get attention all the time
Looking ugly, yet thinking your the cutest thing in the world!
Gushing over our daughter, yet barely acknowledging us at all
You are a freak! Stay away from my daughter!

Bottom line; I hate you all. Before I met all of you, I never knew how much I could hate someone. It makes me wonder if my husband was adopted or something. Because he's like NONE of you all. Go die for all I care.

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I made myself the fall guy

Posted on Sat, Aug. 01, 2009 at 12:12 pm

When my cousin, and friend, married my husbands brother and she became my sister-in-law, we had a lot in common and were very good friends. We took turns having diner at each others houses, we went shopping together, we all went to restaraunts and family outings together, we would all go to the movies... it was all great.

I dont know how i didnt know it at the time, but she started running around on my BIL. I would keep her child while she was going to what I now know were non-existant doctor and dentist appointments...etc.

Then on day another SIL and my FIL called me early in the morning and told me that they had caught her bringing another man home, and they were there then and they wanted me to get pictures of them together. I did not believe she was doing that, I thought she was too smart to do that.

Like a dumbass I waited across the road with a camera to get a picture. I felt foolish after a while, and decided to just go knock on the door, with the excuse to get the keys to my son's truck that he loaned her while hers was being repaired.

She came to the door i supose she was naked, she hid behind the door, her hair was all messed up and she was breathing like she had been exercising. It did appear that I had interupted her having sex. She was acting very figgity and strange, and did not invite me in as usual. She didnt want to give me my son's keys, I lied and told her I had to carry it to have a stero installed. She gave me the keys, reluctantly, and I left.

My FIL called me again and told me that one of my other BIL's had seen her pick him up down the road and his truck was there, and did I know who it was. I was still not sold on the idea that she was with another man, but curisoty killed the cat, and I, (and my daughter and my Sister weer with me) drove to where FIL had said she had picked up the man, and sure enough there was a truck there.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.... SIL didnt have a way to go, and needed to pick her child up from school. (I earlier did call her to see if I could pick up her child, even if she was with another man.. she was still my friend and I didnt want her to get in trouble,She refused to let me get her kid from school.) She then borrowed my FIL's new truck to go pick her kid from school, and they were watching her as she stopped by her house and picked the man up... to take him back to his truck.

Also meanwhile..... the BIL that saw them that morning together was headed to where the truck was to catch them. .... Also another SIL took off from work to catch her drop him back to his truck. I did not know any of this at the time, they were talking on cell phones, and I did not have one.

OK then... as we were leaving from the location the mans truck was parked I met my SIL in FIL's new truck and I did see that there was a man with her, she saw me and I swear I could read her lips go... "OH SHIT!"
She quickly turned around, there was a little dirt loop on th edge of the road. I did kinda have her blocked in, and she had a terrified look on her face. I was realy in shock, I didnt know what I should do. All at once there was this truck coming very fast behind me,and I didnt know it was the BIL that had originally caught her, so I drove on. Then he tried to block her in. Then coming from ahead of me is my other SIL, to catch her with this man. I was not in on this plan, and did not know they were all converging to trap her.

Anyways, SIL that was with another man took of driving fast to get away, the man was still in the truck with her. And BIL& other SIL took chase to her. I did not chase them. I went home.

BIL & SIL chased her all over the place, they said sometimes going 100mph. Finally they drove back to in front of the school, and the man got out and jumped into the backend of a high school students truck, and left with him. SIL and SIL that was cheating got into a confratation. I dont know what realy went down, i was not there.

This whole thing was realy blowing my mind. And I realy couldnt believe she was stupid enough to bring a man to her house. ( we all live in a hay field... all together like a family compound, we all can see each others houses and theres no place to hide)

Not much later SIL that was caught cheating's mother calls me and trys to tell me that SIL was not with another man, that it was her dressed up like a man, and they were trying to prove that we were spying on her and making up stories on her and bull like that. I told her she didnt need to be trying that with me, and it was the husband they need to talk to. Then she told me that all you J----'s think youre so smart, we'll see whos smart after this.

Wow, I didnt know what that was all about. Anyways SIL that was cheating got thier kid from school, went to the bank and took out thier money, so Im told, and went to her mothers house.

I know she didnt want a divorce, I didnt want them to divorce ether, as a matter of fact I was the only one that wanted them to get back together. FIL was calling lawyers, MIL was bad mouthing her, all the other sil's and bil's were telling BIL to get rid of her. I was very unpopular when I told BIL that they could get over this and put it in the past. That the only one who would suffer was thier child.

Now, on SIL's behalf, I would like to say that I can relate to what was going on in her life. She had just lost a lot of weight, and maybe had never felt like she was ...i dont know, sexy or desireable. And it might have went to her head when other men noticed her. And I do know that even the best people make bad choices and terrible mistakes. Im sure she wished she'd never made this one. I know she loves her husband and child.

I dont know why she did it, but SIL that was cheating started telling people that ME and other SIL beat her up, that one of us was holding her down and the other one was kicking her. TOTALY NOT TRUE!

Then I hear she went to church and had them to pray for ME and MY marriage. Alot of times I would meet up while shopping with women from that church, and they had the nerve to come to me and say, "Youre lucky to have a husband that would take you back after what youve done."......I'd be like what??? Huh???

A day or two after BIL took SIL back, I as at home, minding my own business when one SIL calls to tell me she had caught them day before yesterday, and another SIL had seen them the day before, and they had to work, and she wanted me to see if she met him down the road again or whatever.

The dumbass that I am... me and my daughter went to drive up the road to see if this man was sitting beside the road waiting on her. We didnt see him, and headed home. Then as we reached our road we saw his truck stop in front of her house and someone got out, then the truck drove away. And stupid me.... I told the inlaws. FIL askes me to please stake her out and make sure I get pictures. I was a dummy again.

SIL is freaking out in house, and tries to get me to drive away from neighbors drive way. Her mother comes over and yells at us, her brothers wife comes and she just stands there looking at us. After a while my daughter stays there and I head back to my house. SIL that was caught comes out in the yard and flags me down. I stop to talk to her, then she immediently gets on her cordless phone, right in front of me and calls her H, and starts fake crying telling him that Im there AGAIN, and im trying to fight and Im cursing her out. And that he needs to come home and "take care of me." And I go like "what, I just stopped and I haven tsaid a word." Then she says "thats her , shes calling me a bitch again.".... I just drove off and went home.

Then it was getting to crutial time where she had to get her kid from school ,and H would be home soon. They did what looked like getting him out of the house...Her SIL drove her vechilce , i mean right jam-up to the front door, so close that when they opened the car door it almost touched the house. Then she sped away when "who-ever" got in.

Now, Im kinda peeved that she was telling people I beat her up and that it was ME who was caught with another man, and that fake phone call she'd just made and so on....

When her H comes in from work that evening, she pours on a act that eveyone ate up, even though they all knew what she had been doing and everything, she vowed i was lying about the man being there. Even though me and my daughter saw it, the whole family fell for her 'act.'

Later that night, me and my H went to FIL's and he told ME that I needed to support their marriage if they are trying to work things out, and that I needed to oppolige to HER.
This makes me mad. I was the one who wanted them to stay together, not them. And he made out to her that none of them had put me up to anything, and that I did all that on my own, and they didnt know anything about it.

.... OK , few days later we are all about to go 4 wheeler riding, and there is a crowd of people here at my house. Then here comes BIL on a 4wheeler, with SIL sitting behind him on the seat. Im thinkg, 'cool, all the stuff is over and its all going back to normal'
WRONG> He pulls up beside me and to where no one else could see her face she shoots me this smirk, like haha, i got FIL to tell YOU to oppligize to ME or something. I kinda snapped and had a out-of-body experience. I told her that I was the only one who was on her side till she started telling everyone she could that it was ME who did eveything she did. And told her she needed to tell her H that I was not over there cursing her and all that.. anyways I dont think anybody went riding after that.

Nowdays, I feel like Im on the shitlist and shes everyones angel. Thats what I get for being a dumbass, I know better these days. Her and MIL are best bud's she even handles thier money and business. Her and MIL go shopping
togetehr several times a week, vacations together etc...
And everyone around thinks that I was the unfaithful wife.

I guess her mother was right. They showed me who was smarter, but I never told I lie about the whole deal, and Iwont be the one answering that to God, they will... then maybe we'll see who's smart.

This all happened about 10 years ago, and me and cousin/SIL still dont speak, and she just lives next door.

I wish when FIL & SIL called, i would have just stayed home and forgot they called, all I did was make myself the FALL GUY.

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idiots in law

Posted on Sun, Mar. 21, 2010 at 11:59 am

Vile MIL and FIL

if I ever find reason to suspect that you had anything to do with what has happened to dh recently, you will pay in ways you can not fathom.

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My hypocrite MIL

Posted on Mon, Sep. 14, 2009 at 10:53 am

When your son and I first started dating, you didn't like the fact that I was not Mormon. You hated me once I turned down your offer to go to church with you. Like I said, I choose not to be around hypocrites. NO, I don't think the people at your church are hypocrites, I think you are. I think it's disgusting that you spend your Saturday evenings drinking and gambeling at the casino, and come home to take a quick nap and shower before going to sunday services.
Yes I do drink, yes I do (sometimes) gamble. But Hell no, I'm not going to put on my sundays best and pretend to be something I'm not. You need to take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror before casting judgement on me, or anybody else for that matter.

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All I want for Christmas

Posted on Tue, Nov. 17, 2009 at 02:45 pm

...is to be ALONE with my nuclear family and my dogs...Is that so much to ask? Why do family members have to be included when they are so bothersome and cliche-ish??? Can't they just magically disappear FOREVER!!???

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You do know you have other grandkids, right?

Posted on Wed, Sep. 16, 2009 at 06:08 pm

Why is it always MY family that helps out? My father has terminal cancer and my mom watches our four kids so I can work a few hours a week. You better bet I pay her for it! You, on the other hand, are too busy with your one grandchild to pay any attention to the others that you have. Hell you haven't even called in six weeks to find out how any of us are doing? You certainly haven't called to see how my father is doing or if perhaps you could come out for a few days so I can give moral support to my parents during doctor visits and treatment. Oh no, you're too busy helping your daughter and grandson that LIVE with you. Meanwhile, I work my part time job, in addition to taking care of our kids which is a full time job, and your son certainly doesn't help out either. It is always MY mom that gives me that extra hand. She tries to turn down any payment from me but I force her to take it. I would love for you to pry your ass away from your wonderful life and come out here to spend time with the kids I had with your son. They had Grandparents Day at school the other day and who showed up? None other than my mom and my dad. Not you. Oh no, you're planning bridal showers for your nieces and doing only god know what else. Speaking of bridal showers and weddings, THANK YOU for the one you gave us! Oh that's right... you didn't. See we didn't get married in the God Almighty Catholic church like your daughter did or your various nieces. I guess that makes their marriage more valid than the one I have with your son. I may have taken my vows in front of the Justice of Peace but they mean just as much to us as they do in a church, you frigging hypocrite! Once again, my parents were there and it was MY family that gave us a wedding gift. No one from your family so much as send a damn card!! Yet you continually send me bridal shower invitations every damn year for your other son, your nieces, your daughter and expect me to send gifts. And as much as I resent it because no one acknowledged mine, I still send a frigging gift. You think I don't know how much you spent on your daughter's wedding? Or how much you spent to send your other son and his new wife on a honeymoon? You couldn't even take the time to pick out a 99 cent Hallmark card for us. Now that your daughter and grandson is living with you, you have no time for any of your other grandchildren. I apparently will never live up to your standards but you won't live up to mine either. Rot in hell.

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So, the holidays are coming up

Posted on Fri, Oct. 16, 2009 at 09:58 am

Can I claim a sudden allergy to my in-laws? The thought of being with any of them on these special days is seriously making me sick to my stomach and it's only the middle of OCTOBER!!!

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