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Do not leave messages

Posted on Sat, Sep. 04, 2021 at 07:05 pm

We still have an old answering machine for Lord-knows-what reason. Stop leaving my husband messages on it. I delete them. You know his mobile number.

Yes, I know I said that your husband has the IQ of phytoplankton. Actually, I lied. Phytoplankton are autotrophs. They photosynthesize and make their own food. Your husband just sits there and waits for someone to bring him a plate of food, then he shovels it into his mouth. He actually has the IQ of a jar of vaseline.

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Crazy Horse

Posted on Fri, Sep. 03, 2021 at 03:43 pm

My MIL pretends to be Native American. She is but tested and found not eligible as the minute amount she has. She is narcissistic and I call her crazy horse or dragon breath. Both suit her as her rotten breath stinks like garbage. My daughter who is 3 says Ewwww when she held her and now she hates the child. Or is mad whatever. Children don’t lie. I don’t care either way. She Ketos constantly then when nobody wants to ride her crazy diet train she pouts. Hell I wish she would Keto to death. All that red processed meat. How long does it take to kill? A lifetime of red meat must come home to roost eventually, right? I sure hope so. She has no reason to lose weight with her Orthorexia and all she can’t help it. Crazy Horse ! She’s gross. Neigh…….pffft. I make horse sounds behind her back. They are both vile. FIL is a big titty baby who uses his diabetes to scream and throw tantrums about eating. His favorite word is Lunch. She rules all the food at their house and re uses leftovers even after they’re putrid. You have to be careful around Crazy Horses refrigerator. You could get very sick as she’s very dirty. The sink has hasn’t been washed in years. Seriously years. And FIL diabetes meds makes him shat 8 times a day often you will go int the bathroom and immediately leave as there is smeared shit all over the seat. They even have a bidet which I’m sure the nozzles full of shit. You just leave and I pee outside. God I will be so happy when they die and we get the money. That’s all they’re good for.

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No hate

Posted on Thu, Sep. 02, 2021 at 05:29 pm

I find my toxic in laws a bit peculiar. They argue over everything, give them a subject they’ll argue. Set healthy boundaries, they’ll argue.

They’ve got one Narc in the corner of the home calling their own sibling ugly, the mother will be watching, occasionally egging them on towards each other. After months of arguing they all gathered around the family and asked each member for 7,000 for their holiday . Even going so far as to inviting my partner to get married at their dysfunctional do 😂

I was never sure if the step mother in law wanted her own children and stepchildren to get along or if she wanted to watch some bizarre gladiatorial fight over everything, and I mean everything.

The good news is that sometimes removing yourself from a toxic situation really heals.
It doesn’t trouble me anymore, once I saw them and knew what they were as a family it made life a lot easier.

I hope somebody reads this and it gives them the confirmation that they were looking for to deal with their own not very nice in laws . You are fine, they are not approaching situations in a healthy way.

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Your son and your grandaughter . . .

Posted on Thu, Sep. 02, 2021 at 02:30 am

are entirely out of your league. Your granddaughter (my daughter) was producing original works of art in clay and metal by the time she was 13, and you were still buying her crappy little art projects from the discount craft store. She got prizes and awards in science, but you worried because she didn't do well in history and said it was because I had stopped working and had taken her out of the after-school program. Your son (my DH) could have had a PhD by his mid-20s if you had given him the slightest encouragement. You wouldn't let him check out books from the library because they were "too mature for him." You wouldn't let my daughter watch the news because it was "too biased." DH is on the spectrum, and he doesn't understand the nuances of human relationship because you warped him with your incestuous, control-freak attention. And now DH finally has his master's degree in a STEM field and his promotion, and DD is giving lectures to her fellow calculus students and majoring in a STEM field that didn't even exist when I was in university, but you still treat both of them like minions. You don't deserve them, and you certainly don't deserve me.

Love (not!), the DIL you seriously underestimated

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Blind Man's Bluff

Posted on Wed, Sep. 01, 2021 at 04:22 pm

I know what you'll think, but you're wrong in this case. "How can you have any animousity against a blind man?" Well, it's easy.

This particular blind man caused his own blindness as a kid. He was messing around in his bedroom one day and put his head through a window and caught a shard in his eye, effectively blinding it. After a while, the other eye died in sympathy. Some would say it was the chickens coming home to roost. He was a bad kid. He disrepsected his parents often. He trained dogs to chase after cars and, subsequently, get run over by those cars.

He only got worse when he was blinded. When his parents were killed in an automobile accident, his elder sister had to finish raising him. Because he was blind, he ordered her around and guilted her into doing every single self-centered thing he wanted. When he became too much to handle, he was sent to a school for blind children, where he was taught how to behave himself and do for himself. Because he wasn't being kowtowed to any longer, he became a bitter adult.

Along came a situation where he was introduced to my MIL by a girlfriend the two had in common. Frankly, to this day, my wife and I still feel that his girlfriend made the introduction because she saw through his bullcrap and didn't want to deal with him any longer. My MIL met him and immediately had a distaste for him. He responded by indignantly kicking her in the shins. Somehow - and the logic escapes both my wife and I - he managed to cajole my MIL into dating and later marrying him.

My MIL wouldn't accept someone who would just live off her teats, so she insisted that he find work that he could do, using the skills he gained in blind school. Grudgingly, he did, working as a masseur, transmission mechanic, casino piano player, and a darkroom film processor. However, he ended up retiring early in his late 40's, while his wife, an accountant, continued to work until her very early 70's.

My MIL was always very frugal with money, so much so that she was able to get their house paid off quite early, which was a rarity among her peers at that time. Of course, her tight reins over the purse-strings irked her husband to no end, even though he had a demonstrated penchant to wasting money like a kid leaving a water faucet on. Because he was a christian, he tried to use that angle to suggest that he should use the money to fund his OCD "Bible teaching projects", which my MIL partially relented on. In short, if my MIL had given into him, they would be dirt broke.

The family-planning part of the marriage was a disaster. My MIL wasn't too keen on becoming pregnant to begin with, but he guilted her into it, using some christianese nonsense. What resulted was a spoiled elder daughter and her younger sister, the latter of which became my wife. From my wife's being brought home from the nursery at the hospital, her jealous sister railed against her and made her in no way welcome, all throughout their childhood. My MIL, having been the victim of reverse-favouritism of her younger siblings, did not punish the elder daughter too strongly. Their blind father, on the other hand, did next to nothing to try to quell a sibling rivalry that my wife never started. My wife, being the gentler and kinder of the two daughters, did everything possible to try to appease her parents, but to little avail. Her mother remained aloof for most of my wife's childhood, and her father only expressed an interest in her when she shared a common interest. Otherwise, she was left to her own devices, with little protection from her elder sister.

When my MIL got dementia and Alzheimer's, her husband was very quick to sell her off to the State and put her in a low-rate nursing home. To keep up appearances, he would visit her regularly for 1-2 hours per visit, but would come home and complain that it was "boring". He was able to gain access to all her assets because of her condition, including her social security disbursements. When the COVID lockdowns happened, he never once expressed any urgency in seeing her or checking in on her condition, even when it was confirmed by my wife that patients with verified COVID were being shipped to and housed in the nursing home. My MIL was already in bad shape, and her husband's visits were among the few comforts she still had (even though was a lout).

When her final hours came and her condition went south in a sudden hurry, he was asked whether or not he wanted his wife to be seen by a hospital. He was quick to say no, showing at last that he had no regard and no love for the woman. I mean, he had more concern for when his seeing-eye dog got sick and would spare no expense for that bitch to be seen by a vet, even though it was useless as a guide dog, more often guiding him into traffic than away from it. If anything, after the funeral, he fretted that he wouldn't be receiving her social security cheque any longer and would have to make do with what he already had in the bank. My wife, who had begged him to let her mother be seen - after months and months of neglect - was crushed when her mother died, even though her mother didn't have the best relationship with her (My wife is one of the more family-oriented people I know.).

I now wait for that man to be taken by his Creator away from us, so that he will no longer be a burden on my wife, who shoulders the entire responsibility for making sure he is well (as his eldest daughter has only a desire to make sure his financial statements are in the black, so there's no threat to her inheritance).

Likely, since that poor excuse for a man, made my wife's sister the executor of his estate, my wife will not even receive a proper inheritance for being a good daughter to both of her parents. What she will be left with is this deep sense of betrayal, in addition to her loss, and it kills me to see her give of herself so much and have it unrequited with even the faintest of parental affection.

So, this is the story of an old, blind, wretched, worthless, fool, who has been an undue burden on everyone around him since his childhood. There is a Jewish prayer, made famous around the time of the Holocaust, when a Jewish concentration camp survivor was asked to provide some token "forgiveness" to a dying SS officer that was trying to assuage his guilt. I adapt it accordingly for this piece of excrement that tried to call himself "son", "brother", "christian", "husband", and "father":

May the blind man die unshriven.
Let him go to hell.
Nearer the fly to God than he.

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MIL Has Kidney Disease

Posted on Wed, Sep. 01, 2021 at 09:14 am

I am NC with my in-laws, but I'm actually feeling sorry for my MIL. She's been diagnosed with stage 3b kidney disease. My husband has always kind of neglected his mother. My husband is all up in my FIL's a$$, but for some reason, he never calls her or checks in on her. He never takes her to lunch. Instead, FIL calls my husband, bitching about how she sleeps all the time and how she doesn't cook anymore. Hey, assholes! She's dying! Her kidneys aren't filtering the bad stuff out of her blood and she's tired. (Am I really standing up for my horrible MIL?)

My theory is that MIL always thought she'd outlive her narcissistic, controlling husband. She envisioned herself finally having peace, and now his womanizing a$$ is going to outlive her. I also predict he'll be remarried within a year. He's got to have a constant "supply" for his ego.

I have flat-out told my husband he's being a bad son and that he needs to go spend some time with his mother! He just has zero interest. It's unsettling, really. If something terminal like that happens to me, is he going to have the same selfish attitude?

I'm sorry about your son, MIL. I really have tried to nudge him your way. What the f did you do (or not do) to him to make him feel this way about you? Or did your npd husband just create this unhealthy, unbalanced triangulation to feed his insatiable ego? Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

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20 years no contact...

Posted on Wed, Sep. 01, 2021 at 08:01 am

and nothing's changed.

The MIL still manages to get under my skin. Still manages to find stuff out (I'm looking at you, DH, this is all on you).

She doesn't need to know where I work, but now she fucking does. We know where this leads, we know she'll contact my employer and lay it on thick and make me out to be the fucking villain.


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Control Freaks and Bullies

Posted on Wed, Sep. 01, 2021 at 07:13 am

Oh in-laws, strange how you blame me for keeping my husband away from his family when you’ve undermined me and our marriage since we announced our engagement. We’ve been married 10 years now, I know you’re just sad you couldn’t come between us. 🤡

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Dear MIL and BIL...

Posted on Tue, Aug. 31, 2021 at 08:55 am

Card received (DH got and opened the mail that day) post office forwarded to our new address. Greeting received via DH's company email. So I am not controlling anything...all decisions have been made by your son and your brother!

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I hate you all.........Part 3

Posted on Tue, Aug. 31, 2021 at 06:28 am

First, just let me express that I hate you all.

You people are a lousy excuse for a family. You don’t even know how families operate. I used to have total respect for your parents, but after 30 years with your brother, my DH, and your parents being dead for almost 15, I don’t even like them now. They should have never had children and in turn none of you should have procreated either. Your parents never showed you affection and lacked compassion and you turned around and did the same to all your kids (yes, DH included-thank God, I’m not the mother of his children and didn’t have any with him). Just throw them out there in this big fishbowl of a world and let them figure it out. Without COVID, the only time you got together was for the holidays and acted like you’re all “tight”. Thank God for COVID, I didn’t have to endure that last year. With any luck I won’t have to this year either…. fingers crossed.

SIL’s #1 & #3, how considerate of you to let your brother, my DH, know you were on vacation. While he lacks in all these areas as well (affection, compassion and consideration), he is usually the one that tries to communicate with you and stop in and see you when he’s in town.

And SIL #4, “it’s called KARMA, and it’s pronounced ‘ha ha, fuck you’”. So you had a minor medical emergency last week, my DH, your brother mentioned going to see you last weekend after you got home, but when I reminded him that you were no longer talking to me and hadn’t for 4 years, he changed his mind………………..and then we find out your sisters (SIL’s #1 & #3) went on vacation together…………………..without you………………HA HA HA. That left only your semi-retired, alcoholic husband, who is getting ready for hunting season, all year ‘round, to tend to you. And……. HA HA HA, neither one of you cook, are you hungry? By the way, is he planning on going to deer camp this weekend? And simply the best…. DH, your brother told you we weren’t going to your daughter’s 2nd wedding because we had already been to her 1st one……

And do, pray tell Step-DIL, what is it I have done now to make you mad, and you aren’t speaking to me? Are you still mad because my birthday fell on the same day you had your big family cookout that you couldn’t change the date because that was the ONLY day everyone could make it? You know the one that 16 people didn’t show up at? Let’s not forget, we did make it we only had to leave early…. My birthday falls on the same day every year, I’m sorry you can’t put that on your calendar, you know the one on your phone, the phone you have shoved up your ass all the time.

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