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I took my power back

Posted on Fri, Sep. 01, 2023 at 06:06 pm

Dear BIL,

You have made zero efforts to be a presence in my husband’s life since I met you all nearly six years ago. You let my son down. You act like you are holier than thou in all ways, you all-knowing sack of narcissism. Your baby was born, and I will not congratulate you. After throwing an insanely ridiculous shower with the most insane gift requests, and never sending anyone a thank you card. Not even your own brother, my husband, who you treat as if he doesn’t exist. You will not receive a single text or note of congratulations from me for this child, or any child you bring into this earth.

To my MIL and FIL, you are toxic, controlling gossips who are filled with hate, and constantly stir drama between one another and your children. You love to brag about how amazing you are though, don’t you?

I want nothing to do with any of you, and I’ve finally taken my power back.

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Posted on Thu, Aug. 31, 2023 at 04:31 pm

This one is for my SIL. You've now had three babies all 11 months apart so that you can brag about how you are living your dream life being a mom. Well I hate to tell you that your husband is almost definitely gay, cheating on you, and the reason he is drunk all the time is because he hates your "dream life." You and your mother can continue making comments about how I don't have any kids yet. It no longer bothers me. You all suck and I hope you lose your house to foreclosure which is likely because you your salary is shit and you needed help to make the down payment.

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MIL please stop sending your funky boxes

Posted on Wed, Aug. 30, 2023 at 07:34 pm

Please explain why you spend more on priority shipping than what is inside the box?? Two bags of stale dried fruit, and a birthday card made by "March of Dimes" three weeks after my birthday. The whiff of your unwanted stench clouded my nose as I opened the flaps on that box. What in Gods name? Keep it up and I will send roadkill...regular mail.

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Quiet As Doormice

Posted on Wed, Aug. 30, 2023 at 06:24 am

The silence is a real gift even if they think it somehow bothers anyone. I know they want my husband to feel punished for marrying the woman he loves who happens to be a strong woman. At this point he only sees that they don't care about him or his children and so their little punishment isn't taken that way at all. He takes it as them reinforcing how little they care about their own grandkids. It's a huge waste of time and of the potential to enjoy a relationship with these children. Again, clearly they just don't care. Such charming people, eh?

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ILs Are Obsessed With Me

Posted on Tue, Aug. 29, 2023 at 04:11 am

I cannot help but lean back with wonder to know that all of the years of BS are finding a karmic return.

That return is in the form of you scouring the internet on the regular, hoping to find some tiny nugget that you think I've said about you to justify your continued righteous indignation, your eternally miserable demeanor, and to throw yet another log onto the smear campaign fire against us that you keep burning.

Doesn't it ever get exhausting?! I'm really not all that interesting, but your continued "interest" has me thinking that maybe you're just a tad bit obsessed with me. I'd suppose I should be flattered.

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Daughterinlaw is a narcassistic nut

Posted on Mon, Aug. 28, 2023 at 12:57 am

I hope you realize you used up your last chance to be welcome in my home after your incoherent rant via text message, yes we know you attacked the other family member as well, we showed your texts to all family and they agreed, you need professional help, for not even try to use the kids to weasel your way back in, I'm done with you. Please do us all a favor and move away, far far away

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Gift Giving

Posted on Sat, Aug. 26, 2023 at 09:32 pm

So there are birthdays and holidays and special days coming up. I just want my in-laws to know that anything done is for the exact same reason that they do anything: for the optics.

I think we're all at that point where there is the mutual understanding that neither side will miss out on a chance to keep the optics polished. Isn't it lovely to know that there's no genuine caring and deep levels of disdain on both sides? We'd go 100% NC if a couple of factors did not exist. What their excuses are I have no idea other than their over-inflated egos that require them to keep up a certain image with their fan club.

Just an FYI, I suspect most in your fan club feel more like hostages due to their own need to also keep up their own optics. I can't imagine you all have any genuine friends. Think about it.

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FIL Is A Child

Posted on Fri, Aug. 25, 2023 at 10:26 pm

Each year you act the way you act you push your son further and further away and extend the length of time between each episode of BS that we have to witness in person.

The more you FAAFO the more you realize that your BS gets very little attention. Whenever you attempt BS I don't react whatsoever (it's simply not worth my time/energy), which somehow results in you getting even pissier as you exclaim that you won't be caught dead in the same room as me.

Guess what, I'm fine with that. If you can't act like a mature adult and instead act like a child having a sook then it is your own damned fault that you all don't get together with us, not that you seem to care. Just remember that it doesn't upset me in the least. I am perfectly fine either way. I'd give the exact same amount of shits if you did visit as I do when you don't visit: zero.

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Disgusting psychic vampire

Posted on Fri, Aug. 25, 2023 at 10:17 pm

Not sure if my BIL is the worst psychic vampire I've ever met, with the most disgusting energy I've ever sensed, or if my husband's unexplainable love for him makes me build far more aversion to his disgusting presence than I would have felt if my husband saw him for who he is.

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Petty inlaws

Posted on Fri, Aug. 25, 2023 at 09:07 pm

To my husbands family, dont miss you guys AT ALL. You guys all talk shit about each other, then talk shit about other people when your together. You guys compete with each other and its lame.My family and I have the sincere pleasure of not having been in contact for years. Your ugly!

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