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Petty Slight

Posted on Mon, Jan. 03, 2022 at 12:39 pm

It's adorable that you think slighting me makes some kind of point. Oh, sure, I suppose it does. It says "We're still miserable and want to make sure you don't forget it."

I think it's fair to say that my own family and circle of friends take great care of me/us and never let a special day go by without letting us know how much they love and appreciate us. It's quite refreshing, actually. There is never any emotional game-playing, no attempts to make someone feel "less than", just unconditional and joyous love. Imagine that?

My family zoomed me today, and during that zoom call asked me if I had heard anything from any of you today. I told them "Nope. Radio Silence.". They thought that was pretty pathetic and petty. I told them that such pettiness is par for the course. Our family doesn't operate that way. The few petty individuals in our family got weeded out long ago.

But, it's alright y'all. It's just yet another example for my husband to see in order to reinforce his opinions. Every time your family is so horrible to me (and him, and our kids), it's measured up against my family always being so welcoming and loving. Cheers.

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Cyber Harassment and those who wish you dead!

Posted on Mon, Jan. 03, 2022 at 06:19 am

Adult Step Child who I only met 3 times in 1993 when she was 4, whose grandmother (MIL) wanted to call CPS on her bio mother due to alleged child neglect along with SILs, NILs, CILs and their associates who I also never had any direct contact with outside of knowing their names use public comment platforms to monitor or cyber harass since DH closed his social media account in 2013.

The same could be said about former coworkers who previously hacked into my email and monitored our internet activity without consent years ago infecting our computer with a virus thereby destroying our personal property, which I believe is a felony.

DH never wanted to address this issue with his family which is a reflection of the environment he grew up in and his own issues with his family so the only thing I can do is speak out against it on a public platform and tell them to stop cyber harassing me if they are reading this as I prefer not to have any direct contact with them for obvious reasons.

The end!

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Soulless Internet Trolls

Posted on Sat, Jan. 01, 2022 at 10:38 am

Extent of what of witnessed online directed towards me.

Animals seem more human.

Another reason to keep a distance.

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SIL, Mommy Will Never Change

Posted on Fri, Dec. 31, 2021 at 09:31 am

SIL, your mother will never truly be happy, and she will never truly approve of you.

Now you are thinking about giving her a grandchild. You and I both know that you love your independent life (and who could blame you). Please trust me when I tell you that being a parent is hard, and at your age I'd think you'd not want to take the risk of having a needy child.

Did you know that the chances of that in older mothers multiplies? Did you also realize it can run in families? I can speak from experience that it is very challenging.

Do yourself a favor and don't allow your mother to belittle and otherwise manipulate you into thinking you are inadequate without children.

I would hate to see you rush to find someone (who's not up to the job) willing to give you a child just to appease your mother temporarily. I was a single mother once, and trust me when I tell you that it is hard, and a failed marriage also not so fun.

Think about it. Enjoy your life and ignore your manipulative mother.

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Absolutely toxic and irrational in-laws.

Posted on Thu, Dec. 30, 2021 at 10:25 pm

I've gotten to a point where I'm sick and tired of arguing with my wife because her parents are once again intruding on our lives, being toxic, or just messing up their own lives by recklessly drinking and eating. My mother-in-law is morbidly obese and has been rude to me on multiple occasions. I once cut ties with them after my MIL told me to shut the fuck up during a family trip because she was upset about something that wasn't even related to me at all. Basically just taking it out on me once again. And I did keep my mouth fucking shut that whole trip. Didn't argue back or anything, but on that day, I made a decision to just cut ties with them because I didn't think I deserved that. No reason for me to hang around when I'm not appreciated. By the way, my wife did not stand up for me at all. She was giving bullshit excuses like, "oh, she was just talking a little too loud! I wish you two would just stop fighting!" She wasn't just being "loud" and I didn't fight with her at all. That generated a lot of resentment because I realized that day that my wife is always on my in-laws' side. She has not cut her umbilically cord. Let me tell you something. She still calls her parents "mommy" and "daddy"...and she's in her 30's at this point...Like honestly, wtf?

So I cut ties with them for about a year, and that was perhaps the happiest year for me since we got married because the source of strife was basically cut off. But during all that time, my wife begged me to reconcile with them almost non-stop, so like a fucking idiot that I was, I begrudgingly agreed. And somehow I was the one who had to say "sorry". Looking back, I was indeed a fucking total beta.

So like a year after that, my father-in-law got sent into the hospital because his liver was failing. Decades of drinking destroyed his liver functions. He got out, stopped drinking for a few weeks and somehow still miraculously got better. My wife and I went to see him, and guess what? All of a sudden the fridge was full of beers again. I remember sitting there thinking like, "wtf?" I looked around the room and nobody said a fucking thing. I was actually the only one who said, "hey man, maybe you should probably stop drinking now that you've gotten a second chance." But all I got was something like," you ain't my doctor, man, so mind your own business". My wife and MIL just fucking sat there and didn't say a thing.

I think everybody probably sees where this is going. Not even the end of that year, he went back to the hospital again, and this time was way more serious. This triggered a whole chain of events. Now he's dying in the house, having to go to the hospital to get his stomach drained every single week. My wife is now dead set on staying in our state to take care of her now dying parent. So now my opportunity of employment is severely limited. I've had to turn down seriously prestigious out-of-state jobs just because of this. I'm talking about 6-figure jobs.

What makes this worse is that these people are increasingly blaming ME for all their problems, believe it or not! It just got to a point where I just told them straight up like, "look man, I'm sick of my wife and her family keep making this my problem, and it's not. I didn't cause this. I'm sorry that you got sick. I'll always help when you need help, but you're just paying your dues, man." And now all of a sudden I'm seen as the big mean monster.

I'm sorry I might really need to just "be more sympathetic" about my supposed family members, but I'm serious when I say that I'm out of fucks to give. My fuck meter is empty. I have exactly 0 fucks left. They are absolutely without a doubt the most irrational people I've ever had the misfortune to know. Just constantly fucking up their own lives and creating problems for their daughter's married life. I mean, the things that I'm telling right now are only the tip of the iceberg.

Seriously, why can't people just be good? Like, it's not hard living the white middle class suburban lives in America. Just fucking live a peaceful life and not fuck up all the time. That's not a tall order. They are in their 60's, but no house, no notable income and no savings. It's not even about the money, but it's like they have drifted through life without ever having a goal. I'm actually paying for like over 90% of the shared expenses in my own family, and my wife occasionally sneaks money to give to her dirt poor parents. That's just another messed up thing.

So anyways, I'm totally done. I'm cutting ties with them for good this time. Hopefully my torment ends soon.

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Snow storm

Posted on Thu, Dec. 30, 2021 at 01:56 pm

Guess God doesn't want you to see your grandsons either.

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Big baby

Posted on Wed, Dec. 29, 2021 at 10:18 am

Sorry you missed out on Christmas with your brother.... little bitch

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Posted on Tue, Dec. 28, 2021 at 06:29 pm

Mil puts her stinky adult diapers in our garbage cans.

It has been going on for 8 years.

Tonight, dh received a call from her asking for him to pick up his garbage because it was raining! He did so and left it in my car!

I thankfully went back out to the car before getting ready for bed because my car already smelled like urine inside from her stinky garbage!


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Posted on Mon, Dec. 27, 2021 at 10:21 pm

I really hate you people. I pray I make it in life so that I can go far away from you and take my family with me. My mother was horrified when she saw how you live and how you think you’re ‘high class’ lol. You sit around all day talking about what Oprah has in her mansion. My goodness I can’t believe I had to sit through that insanity on Christmas Day. You people are limited. That’s what my mother calls you: ‘limited’.

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For the first time in a long while, I am OK!

Posted on Mon, Dec. 27, 2021 at 03:12 pm

OK! I am officially no contact with all my in-laws. I don't even care if my DH and DD want to spend 40 hours per week with them! I've discovered new friends and new places I want to visit. I'm not going to get hung up on those boring, pedantic old people and their middle-aged daughters who must've been 40 years old when they were born. Have fun, y'all!

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