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To the mother of my husband

Posted on Sat, Feb. 25, 2023 at 05:44 pm

I hate you

I don't care about you

I won't take care of you

You are thumbs down

Our children don't like you

My husband saw how you have always treated me and your reward is your new reality

When people ask how you are doing, I say I don't know and don't care

I don't miss you digging through our garbage and recycling to find the proof that I am "bad"

All of your actions actually reflected poorly on you.

Now, you live your life (or not)

I don't care

I hate you


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Planet SILs

Posted on Fri, Feb. 24, 2023 at 08:45 am

DH never portrayed them as kindred souls but individuals with no filters who are out for themselves with little consideration for anyone else. One expects others to revolve around her and her children or will show you the dark side of the moon.

So the concept of their being any family dynamic with them didn’t exist since I met DH in particular regarding a certain situation which seems to be the basis of the trolling. Crazy stars continue to shine down on their planet until they eventually burn out.

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Story Time

Posted on Thu, Feb. 23, 2023 at 11:47 pm

So, this story about my BIL might contain some guestimates, but I'm pretty sure I'm essentially right on the money...

BIL was feeling inadequate compared to all of his siblings, so he shacks up with a dimwit who buys into all of his BS and who inexplicably seems to enjoy his constant preening and showing off. He begins to mooch off of her over time, plying her with promises of a better tomorrow when he one day elevates his career. She, being delighted at the idea of taking advantage of his promised career is happy to wipe his bottom for him while he upskills.

Eventually, the honeymoon phase starts to wane and neither of them are looking all that wonderful to one another but they stay together for the mutual benefits (and besides, it makes them both look better to others to be in a "stable" relationship. What an embarrassment it would be if he had to admit yet again that he can't maintain an adult relationship!).

I just want to say to that precious vacuous female that she should realize that anyone who knows BIL knows that he chose her for some very specific reasons. We also all know that anyone who would stay with BIL long-term is likely doltish, naively hoping for a better tomorrow, and a trampy poser who can't do any better.

There's no accounting for taste, Girl, so we're all making some rather unsavory assumptions about you.

The FOO tried (in vain) to brag about this floozie briefly but ran out of steam quickly into the bragging...and it was never brought up again (likely because the truth is stranger than the fiction). That's OK, FOO, we know she's a bimbo that is dating your jackass son. Given MIL's strange behaviors at the holidays it's obvious that she feels "some kind of way" about the relationship as well.

We weren't fooled by your original attempts to brag about it, and we're under no illusions that it's anything other than a beneficial business relationship with benefits...one that is likely struggling to look "normal" to outside observers and yet is anything but. You all have fun with that.

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I realized something

Posted on Thu, Feb. 23, 2023 at 09:14 pm

The difference between a good and wise mother in law and a foolish mother in law is respect for their adult child’s choice no matter how they feel about the person.

Nothing is to be gained by putting the wrong energy being the enemy the relationship. A foolish mother in law ends up losing.

A wise mother in law knows that she wasn’t chosen but the significant other was.

The significant other had a huge role in the time a mother law will see her adult child.

If my husband’s mom would have faked being nice to me or even tried to be decent, I would have a role in making her life better at this stage.

I intentionally limit her son’s time with her because she has been horrible to me.

It isn’t wise for a mother in law to make an enemy of the one their adult child loves in a power play. They lose every time.

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Misogynist psycho

Posted on Thu, Feb. 23, 2023 at 03:24 pm

As the title say my fil is a sick fuck. We moved to the other side of the world to get away from them , to get a better life. But the stupid fuck won't leave us alone. Lately he's calling every single day. To ask the same question to say the same things. He wants to controll us, just like back home. Hell no.
You stupid alcoholic fuck , this is my life u will not tell me what to do. Go and try to control your other son who is 36 years old and still lives with u. Oh , but u can't, cause u actually afraid of him. You pathetic little man. You are nothing, just empty words. Go and drink some more. That's all you can do anyway. Why don't u die already, you sick fuck. Trust me,nobody would miss you. Not your wife, she's only with you because of your money, not your kids , they all hate your guts too.

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Is Hatred Keeping Her Alive?

Posted on Thu, Feb. 23, 2023 at 01:44 pm

MIL is in her 80s, having had a stroke that created mild dementia, and currently has emphysema. She lives alone near us in a senior living building, but because of the dementia, she cannot drive. We have to manage a lot for her. My husband does quite a bit, but I do her grocery shopping, driving her to get her hair done, her bills, and her mail pickup. It's a lot. She thanks me, but I know it's false. She talks badly about my husband to me, to her "friends" (who she also talks badly about), and to his face. I can safely assume she's talking badly about me to her friends. She utterly hates her son for making her move, even though she couldn't manage things on her own in her house hours away from us. She called him to resolve her problems that became emergencies a few too many times; we had to move her or else cut her off and let her die. Maybe we should have.

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Like A Puppy

Posted on Wed, Feb. 22, 2023 at 10:27 pm

MIL it's been some years now that my hubs and I have employed a puppy regimen with you. If you behave yourself and don't act too PA or assholey then you get a positive response. If not then you get a tap on the nose with a newspaper. I know you don't see anything that you say or do to be problematic in any way nor do you choose to listen to what others are clearly letting you know about how THEY feel about your words/actions.

As you slowly stop sulking from a nose tap I'm still sitting here waiting to see the other shoe drop regarding what you brought up recently. Did you say it to be manipulative (oh wait I already know the answer to that) or were you being serious?

I know EXACTLY how your husband feels about it. I suspect he's the linchpin here. The real trick will be if he can get over himself, won't it? I think we all know the answer to that one. He usually defers to you but in this matter he is having a bit of trouble doing that, isn't he?

Well please pat that sweet gentle kind patient and compassionate man on his widdle head for me will you? Let him know that he is entitled to feel however he likes. His amiable heart will surely take over soon won't it? Bless his heart.

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Generational Curses

Posted on Tue, Feb. 21, 2023 at 08:19 pm

Will deny their own abusive words or actions for years now without hesitation or reservation.

DH told me stories about their abusive actions whether blood related or not.

They may want to reflect on their own actions or the legacy they pass on to their children before judging someone else or viewing that person as less than.

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She can’t dig through my garbage and recycling n

Posted on Tue, Feb. 21, 2023 at 07:41 pm

His mom is no longer able to be nosy and judge me.

I like it!

She wants to my husband to do the work to make her house not hoarded up from her doing.

If it was good enough for her then, why “fix” now!

It must be how she likes it!

Funny, the woman who has sought to find something to use against me is nothing but a rude, not good with money, lazy, bad house keeper, manipulative, money wasting, etc.

She has tried for almost 30 years to find what is “bad” about me…. Surely I am bad…

Sorry old woman, no more digging in our garbage and recycling for you. You can’t do that now!

Also, you can’t walk to our home now.

You can’t drive either.

The more freedom you lose, the more peace for me.

Do you ever regret all the energy you wasted being accusing and mean toward me when you were more able bodied?

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A song to husband’s mom

Posted on Sun, Feb. 19, 2023 at 04:51 am

Read this with the music of Hey Jude by The Beatles

Evil @“@&) don't make it bad.

Accept what you have done and said and deal with it

Remember I don’t care what happens to you

Then you can start to be accountable and accept that you are thumbs down

Hey &@“@& you really &@“$

You are thumb’s down

The minute I met you I should of just ran

Nothing about you is any form of good

You are a source of emotional pain, gossip, cruelty, manipulation

Oh how badly you treat others

You &”@$

you make the world a lot colder and more cruel

You let all humans down.

You are thumbs down

You don’t have a heart,

And you can’t make it better

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