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You Won't Win

Posted on Sun, Nov. 06, 2022 at 05:49 pm

I am petty enough to stick it out until you're both dead. (And SURE, I've volunteered to husband that I will help take care of you - muwhahahahaha.) THEN and only then will I think about divorcing your hot mess of a son. You would get far too much pleasure having me gone. What do you have left? 5 years? **10?** I'm putting my odds on your bad heart and your failing organs. I can't wait to see how your son wipes his a$$ without you there to tell him how special it is.

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Posted on Sun, Nov. 06, 2022 at 06:51 am

It’s pathetic how you act in laws. Your every move can be calculated ahead of time, why? Because it’s easy to surmise your behavior because I’ve got your playbook. Your moves can be seen a mile away. God forbid we move 35 min away? So now no invite to your Father’s Day celebration. No invite to any family gathering. Honestly go fuck yourselves. Literally because we all know y’all ain’t gettin laid. Go fuck yourselves because you punish not jus t me but your own son which is the sadistic part. You don’t care about the hurt you cause because it gives you power to make others feel shitty even if it’s your own son . Guess what bitch you aren’t hurting me!!!!!! It’s your own brother/son whom you’re hurting which is sad. You don’t give a fuck. I have normal family so I know what it is to be loved and cared for. I know what normal family looks like. He doesn’t. He just knows now that I’m with him that you’re behavior is fucked up. You can’t abuse him anymore. Sorry. You can’t make him the scapegoat anymore. Go find another person to abuse you sorry excuses for human beings!! Sad sad sad. Find another victim

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Posted on Sat, Nov. 05, 2022 at 11:51 pm

Because your family seems to proficient in delay tactics, I figured I'd try it out for myself. The stage has been set to buy some more time...some more peace. I get the gold star for effort as WELL as the peace. You played your fair share of games over the years, and I always saw through them. Now it's my turn to benefit from your inability to focus on anything other than yourselves.

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He reached out to you

Posted on Sat, Nov. 05, 2022 at 11:49 pm

After everything you have all done to harm him.

The abuse, the neglect.

….. and you don’t respond! You are going to HELL for all of your evil actions. I can’t wait for you to get there! Bitch

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I hate you all........Part 9

Posted on Fri, Nov. 04, 2022 at 03:22 pm

First, just let me express that I hate you all.

How do I hate thee, let me count the ways….

1) If it weren’t for the fact that you people are related by blood, you wouldn’t be friends. Only the “sisters” have a relationship with each other. Since the years your parents have been dead you feel the need to continue holidays. Why? Throughout the year you have nothing to do with DH, your brother. Only the years that the “sisters” had a friendship with me was there anything close to a family relationship (but that all stopped when you stopped speaking to me 5 years ago didn’t it? Because without me, he has nothing in common with you and he’s a private person). Then comes the holidays and you start your group texting blowing up his phone. Have you noticed that he doesn’t respond? 1. He doesn’t like texting, 2. He despises group texting, & 3. He loathes your babbling. If you’re planning the holiday, it takes one person to let him know when & where and if he’s not busy, he’ll be there with his “plus 1”. That’s me, his wife of 30 years.
2) For the 2nd time in a matter of months, SIL #2 has come home from another state and did anyone bother to let DH, your brother know? Maybe he would have liked to have visited with her or maybe not, but he wasn’t given that choice. The 1st time I kept my mouth shut, the 2nd time I pointed it out to DH. You people suck.
3) Step-DIL, what is it with you? You pretend to make nice with me (and I let you because I want no part of this family’s drama) and you continue to lie to me and participate with the “sisters”, your aunts-in-laws, in their “not speaking to me” club. You are a bitch.

I can go on and on, but I won’t. Let me tell you where this not speaking to me has gotten you. You have no access to us or what may be going on with us personally, especially those things that family usually share, like health, financial, the estranged child & grandchildren issue, my work or my parents’ wellbeing that we once shared on a friendly basis. Yes, we will continue on with the mundane chit chat about nothing when we’re in each other’s presence, but should anything happen to DH, your brother and FIL, you will read about it in the paper.

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It's November!

Posted on Thu, Nov. 03, 2022 at 10:45 pm

So, it's November. Didn't ya'll say there'd be an update on a certain situation by now? Could it be that your hot-mess-of-an-adult-child didn't quite pass muster? Oh, I'm waiting with baited breath to see this whole thing play out.

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Tis the f-cking season

Posted on Thu, Nov. 03, 2022 at 10:32 am

It's that God forsaken time of year coming again. I'm glad I'm not on social media so I don't make myself sick seeing happy people around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Like that could be us, but the stupid in-laws have to be childish so we just don't do anything. It's so lonely. Why couldn't I hit that damn power ball?

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That’s not an apology

Posted on Thu, Nov. 03, 2022 at 12:11 am

MIL, reaching out after a couple years of NC to randomly wish me a happy birthday is not even close to trying. You didn’t ask me anything, or even try to start a conversation after I thanked you. I’m sure you reached out expecting me to be rude so you can cry to your snotty family, but I was as polite as ever. Show THAT to your family.

I’m also sure you reached out as a way to say “See, look, I tried.” Just saying happy birthday, and not even trying to have any kind of conversation with me isn’t even close to trying.

Trying would be to actually admit what you did, how you treated me, how the rest of your family treated me, and to apologize for all of it. I’ve admitted when I was wrong, and even apologized for that ONE thing I did. Sure it was two days after, but I apologized without anyone even asking for one. The kicker was when my apology wasn’t even good enough because people were still mad about it. Excuse me, you guys have no room to talk. At that point I had been treated like garbage for four years straight without an apology from anyone. At least you guys even got one from me. Then you have the gall to pretty much say it’s not good enough. You can all go kick rocks!

Until you’ve admitted EVERYTHING you have done and apologized for it, you can’t even pretend that you’ve tried.

The best part is that your son is on my side and hates how you all are. If you ever want to have any kind of relationship with him, you’ll have to make a connection with me. In order to do that you’ll have to be sincere , apologize, and make be believe you even want a decent relationship with me. Good luck 🤣

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 31, 2022 at 06:57 pm

FIL, I'm looking at YOU!!!! Back off! Your son is in REHAB and all you can do is check in on him?!? LET HIM DO HIS REHAB!!!!!!!! This would be a good time for you to reevaluate those blurred boundaries and let your grown-A$$ son GROW THE F UP!!!!!!!

I'm sorry you weren't there for him when he was young, but being an overbearing presence in his life (and mine) isn't the answer, either. You are not one. My husband and I are one. Well, we're supposed to be. God, you two are creepy. I'm jealous of my FIL like he's the other woman. Twisted family dynamic bullShit.

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To husband’s mother and her daughter

Posted on Sun, Oct. 30, 2022 at 05:55 am

It isn’t working out so well is it?

I am sitting here thinking that you two created your own night mare and it came true.

Enjoy it or not. I don’t care.

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