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Bygone days

Posted on Thu, Jun. 30, 2022 at 05:52 pm

I don’t know anything about making america great again, but I know what would make me feel great again, going back in time to the day before I met your son, thus his horrible family (you all) and getting an ice cream cone on the other side of town instead.

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Predatory Behavior

Posted on Tue, Jun. 28, 2022 at 08:35 pm

SIL and her minions would accuse you of being jealous of them because you don’t have children or the same number of family members or friends they have. Even jab at your ethnicity, which to my knowledge you can’t pick or choose.

Yet seem to have no problem trolling you online for those same reasons.

Preying on someone they look down on only confirms their true nature.

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My in-laws want to take over the government

Posted on Mon, Jun. 27, 2022 at 04:00 am

My in-laws believe that "illegal aliens" (not the little green ones!) are going to take over the government and force us to learn other languages (good luck! they can barely speak English!), and that people from a different religion are going to take over the government and force them to comply with the laws of that religion. All the while, THEY are plotting to take over the government and impose their laws on the rest of us so that 1) we can't have sex; 2) they can have all the sex they want (usually with cows and pigs); 3) we can't marry members of the same sex nor change our gender identities; 4) they can get married as many times as they want (my mother-in-law and stepfather-in-law are currently on their FOURTH marriages and he's been divorced at least 3 times!); 5) we have to send our kids to private religious schools (because public schools are Communist!) or to conversion camp if they are gay; 6) we get arrested for "hate crimes" for saying they are full of shit (what First Amendment?); 7) we don't get to wave the rainbow flag, but they get to wave the Confederate flag, never mind that they have lived their entire lives in the north. But my estranged husband thinks I'm the one who's wrong.

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To my husbands’s mom

Posted on Sun, Jun. 26, 2022 at 02:06 am

You are about to have a major surgery.

My husband goes to get your garbage once a week.

I don’t know if you are able to prepare decent meals, bathing yourself, able to get the food you need but I don’t care.

My husband asked if I would mind if he started going over to help you clean your house. I said that we have plenty to do with our own home and property.

Mother of my husband, you messed up with me and I gave you more than one chance to make it right.

Indifference is what you are seeing.

Not warmly,


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Posted on Sat, Jun. 25, 2022 at 08:33 pm

Remember DH telling me his oldest sister warned him about the two younger ones years ago by stating they were smarter in a conniving way.

The fact she felt the need to warn him about them years ago and the online abuse they helped create since then and now only validates their spiteful behavior.

Having minions in their corner doesn’t make them superior to anyone else or better human beings for that matter just more vindictive.

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Posted on Fri, Jun. 24, 2022 at 05:28 pm

Outside of what DH told me about her and some conversations I had with her about her family and friends, there was no substantial relationship like the trolls would like one to believe in particular DH’s relatives, who should know better.

I have a feeling DH’s mother would be ashamed how they would tarnish her memory via their trolling comments or assumptions about how someone else would feel about her, who barely had a relationship with her.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It’s just shameful all around. Adult children who should know better.

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You can have your son back

Posted on Fri, Jun. 24, 2022 at 05:12 pm

After twenty-odd years of dealing with his verbal and psychological abuse, and witnessing you and he talk about what a bad mother and a generally evil person I am (because, dear Reader, my mother was evil and it's genetic, you see!) I've had enough. You can have him. I'm pretty sure you already did. The only regret I have is that he will probably use part of my assets to support you and your deadbeat FOURTH husband (who was bankrupt when you met him - now there's a Prince Charming!) and his equally deadbeat daughter. If behavior is genetic, then where did your son's cruelty come from? And your stepdaughter - is she a convicted felon like her mother, or did she just not get caught? I know her state has filed multiple tax liens against her.

Contrary to what your son says (that you're the "best mother" and the "best grandma" and the "nicest person," you have absolutely no empathy. I think you may even be a sociopath. I remember when my son wouldn't talk to me for weeks because of some perceived slight that was only apparent to him, but you assumed it was my fault. I remember my brother's wake - you came up to me and tried to negotiate to buy my house at what I paid for it more than 10 years earlier. Did your son tell you to do that? Probably. I remember when I had pertussis for a month and you and your son decided I wouldn't go on vacation with you and your horrible husband just because I was in "another funk." I remember when my daughter got cut from the volleyball team. You said she "wasn't good enough." What a surprise when three years later she won her division's record for aces. I remember when my mother died; you called and told me she was "better off" and later told all of our mutual friends to block me on Facebook because I was having a "mental health crisis." Yeah, you cunt. You're about as good a mother and grandmother, and about as nice as a piece of cow shit. And he's about as good a husband. Now go enjoy each other's company. Maybe you, your gross fat husband, and your son can have a three-way. That I'd pay good money to see.

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Judgmental In-laws and their Associates

Posted on Fri, Jun. 24, 2022 at 03:35 pm

Cast their own judgements on others like they died on the cross for anyone’s sins, yet fail to realize other people have the right to speak up based on what they know of them.

Their words and actions speak for themselves. Anyone who goes out of their way to track and troll someone online who hey have no actual contact with, may want to focus on the rhyme and reason behind their actions.

It has more to do with their nature than the persons they believe they know!

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Posted on Fri, Jun. 24, 2022 at 01:18 pm

DH and his mother told me negative stories about some of them years ago and I picked up on the their energy back then.

Their online crimes and comments only validates why the people, who by nature and nurture, should want to be in the picture stay out of it.

Their issues are beyond anything to do with DH or me at this point.

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Oh, geeze DIL

Posted on Thu, Jun. 23, 2022 at 09:22 am

All the words we use to explain things to each other when we should just put it in terms you can understand:

Game. On.

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