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Posted on Thu, May. 18, 2023 at 01:44 am

Screw you fat cow. I hope the bridge collapses and you drown with your trashy shit head family dear mil.

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Posted on Wed, May. 17, 2023 at 02:20 am

MIL had not yet received her mother’s day call from my husband. She leaves me a message while I am out running errands that says « Happy … uh..uh…Mother’s Day??? » I deleted the message. I am childless (not by choice).

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Mother's day

Posted on Tue, May. 16, 2023 at 12:47 pm

Did you enjoy your gift mil? You received exactly what you deserved... NOTHING!!!! In fact you still owe your son for mooching off him for all those years. Who steals from their kids? You do

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Posted on Fri, May. 12, 2023 at 03:18 pm

MIL's favorite game is to pass off humiliation as a "kind gesture". She thinks it keeps her looking above board and above reproach, however it is as transparent as hell.

MIL just tried to humiliate SIL publicly on her FB page, but of course it looks on the surface like a nice thing to say. We all know the implications of what she said, as does SIL. Simply cruel, but I guess that's her way, eh?

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Some Family Dirt

Posted on Fri, May. 12, 2023 at 03:58 am

Let's start with FIL. I won't list the many ways in which FIL has proven that he is a coward, but I will say that he is clearly afraid. Wow. Big, bad patriarch is maybe not so big? Yo FIL, you act like a pouty child. Not admitting to your wrongdoings doesn't erase them, you know.

Now for MIL: My husband told me he has a memory of when he was very little. You had a man in your bedroom that wasn't FIL. Was this retaliation for the dabblings of your drunken husband? Regardless of the reason, it makes your holier-than-thou judgements of everyone around you not hold quite as much water.

SIL: I think I know why there were no pics of you at that event in your city. Have you perhaps put on some weight? My suspicion is "yes", and I have a further suspicion as to why (but maybe I'm wrong about that). Either way, your face is typically very broad no matter what you weigh, so why worry about it?

BIL: We know you're mooching off of your girlfriend. We also know something you don't know about her faithfulness. You may think she's insecure and wouldn't do that. Your ego has you blinded to the truth, you sad pathetic little man-child.

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Cheapskate colonizers

Posted on Sun, May. 07, 2023 at 03:14 pm

Four-and-half-weeks until I need to put up with your micromanaging, toothless, infantile grin, your little screeches of delight and hearing you talk about yourself and your minion-husband in third person: “Grandma doesn’t like that”, “When Grandma and grandpa lived in Africa…” It’s creepy and weird and my children don’t understand it. Stop it.

You’re a legend in your own mind, but your stories about living in Africa are condescending and reek of colonialism.

You better not have planned yourself a cheap, subsidized holiday for next year by coming to stay with me. I’m sorry. You’re in for a shock. Not happening.

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One Upmanship

Posted on Sun, May. 07, 2023 at 09:26 am

MIL, why is it that you constantly insist upon one-upping? If we talk about one of our children, then you know of someone (friend, foe, or obscure family members alike) who did something "more". If we talk about someone else's achievement, then you know someone who did something "bigger".

Are you that threatened by someone feeling good about their achievements? I realize that you wallow in misery most of the time, but to want that for your own adult children is sad and sick. We definitely don't let it rain on our parade, but your attempt to do so is noted.

Also FYI we really couldn't care less about random folks who we barely know.

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Your Enmeshment is Complete

Posted on Fri, May. 05, 2023 at 09:20 pm

Two failed marriages, and your hot mess of a son is back home, with you, where you want him!

His lack of empathy and genuine concern for others is appalling. But, he's your son, so go figure! Congratulations. You taught him that life is one big performance, and the person with the best clothes, fanciest car, and most money wins. Unfortunately, because of your narcisstic and uneducated parenting, he is now drowning in alcoholism, unable to have meaningful relationships, and he has zero self confidence outside of you. He could take a $hit and you would compliment him on the color and tell him no one else could ever $hit something as beautiful. Real life isn't like that. I can't wait to be rid of him and you.

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Just like you

Posted on Thu, May. 04, 2023 at 12:28 pm

Over the years my dh is starting to be just like you trash. Maybe he always was and I never noticed because I thought I loved him. He is selfish,judgemental, greedy, and morbidly overweight. Only thinks of himself first unless you call him out on it. Can't trust him either. Maybe you'll get to use him again because I am about done. Fuck you all

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SIL Bitterness

Posted on Wed, May. 03, 2023 at 09:03 pm

Hey SIL. I'm well aware that you don't give a crap about anyone except yourself. That much is obvious and has been for quite some time. We try not to rub this in your family's faces, but I have a huge family and circle of friends that dote on our kids regularly.

Do you think I give updates because I am under the illusion that you care? I don't. It fulfils the requirement to appear as though I'm "trying". Don't you realize that it's a game that your mother also plays with us? She also pretends to care in order to have that narrative to you and the rest of her Circle of Flying Monkeys.

Don't fool yourself into thinking it doesn't go both ways because it absolutely does. To me it seems more like a cease fire. I understand your bitterness, however, because I'm sure your mother is pitting you against us yet again. Don't you see how she manipulates you emotionally??

The idea is to have you emotionally dependent upon her in a twisted sort of trauma bond. She tears you apart by playing on your insecurities and then ruins connections with your brother so that you only have her as your main source of connection.

If you only knew that your brother would love to have a deeper connection to you, but your mother always swoops in and tries to distort things. Think about it.

I have no room in my heart for anger. I really only feel pity. I have a family who genuinely loves me and wants for our happiness, whereas you have a family who loves to see you insecure and tied up in emotional knots.

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