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Posted on Wed, Sep. 22, 2021 at 01:24 pm

Still don’t have to say a word about any of you. Your actions prove to everyone who you are and why we don’t want anything to do with you. Thanks for that, by the way!!!

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You ain't welcome.........

Posted on Tue, Sep. 21, 2021 at 12:28 am

We're moving to the beach and the wife's family is not welcome to visit. Wife isn't too happy about it, but she does realize her family is basically shit and she understands my position. Is there a way for my wife to get a divorce from her family and find a new one?

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Why do you continue to hang out with these bigots?

Posted on Sun, Sep. 19, 2021 at 06:21 am

Yesterday, DH stated that he still wants to go on vacation with you. I really don't. Your enthusiasm for your husband's family, with all of its bigots and Christofascists, is a real turnoff for me. You couldn't wait to wish the old man a happy birthday after he said all those terrible things about LGBTQ people. Your granddaughter is LGBTQ, or do you give a damn about her? I wish he would take you on vacation and let me and DH go elsewhere.

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Brother in law

Posted on Sun, Sep. 19, 2021 at 03:37 am

Stop telling your niece you will visit her or pick her up and take her places.. In 15 years you have never been there for her.. No visiting us.. Never calling. Never coming to her birthday parties or at least wishing her a happy birthday.
I wish my husband didn't call you this weekend to ask for advice. My daughter started to forgive you even though she has been depressed for awhile because you have never been. You told her you will pick her up and take her out to eat sometime. My daughter got so excited and said maybe my uncle does love me and want to be in my life.. This is the 3rd time you told her you will spend time with her.. This time you better follow thru. Seeing her excited made me sad because I know you will probably let her down again. Makes me so angry.
You might lose your niece forever she gave up on you but is now willing to give 1 more chance 😥

Don't let her down again.

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Hot water

Posted on Wed, Sep. 15, 2021 at 12:45 pm

Hope your family is well bil and sil. So sorry that you had to be assholes. 🥳

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Surrounded by A**holes

Posted on Wed, Sep. 15, 2021 at 10:08 am

I have spent the last 5 years trying my best to make these people family. My MIL is as fake as they come. She pretends family is so important. She’s been with a zillion different guys my husbands whole child hood . She’s pretty much never worked. Just long enough to get injured at work and be on disability but it’s a cover because she’s always been a pill head she uses men
For money and then I cheats on them and moved on to leech from the next guy .She has a playground in her yard to impress visiting family members. That my husband set up when she was pretending to want to get to know our kids … it’s actually to impress visiting relatives to make them think she’s a good grandma…. She doesn’t know them at all my oldest is 4 and my youngest is 2’she’s never so much as called on their birthdays. I’m supposed to bring them to family events to keep up the image. Not anymore lady. I’m done. My sister in law… get this doesn’t even talk. She thinks she’s better than everybody she doesn’t work because “she doesn’t have to” she said she doesn’t like work, but she cheats on her BF a lot so maybe hooking is for her? she just lets her boyfriend pay for everything while she hangs out with her weirdo mom chain smoking gross cigs. My BILs are actually better. BIL1 is an addict and my husband
Had to put him to his wife to get him into treatment, how inconsiderate of him. But Now he doesn’t come over. And his wife is either stuck up or has heard a lot of sh*t talking about me from MIL and sister in law… because I’ve heard plenty about her. But we never see our nephew. And my kids never see their cousin which is sad. BIL2 is generally polite enough if uninvolved . But he also doesn’t work and hives with his mother in his 30s. I just want a family so much, but I can’t anymore with these people . I put myself out and all I’ve ever received were digs at my weight and how HUGE my size 8 pants are . not even over weight. I was very thin before I was pregnant and I think they know it hurts my feelings .They’re just super skinny. digs at how I keep my house. I’m at home with two young kids. And ZERO help from anyone. And when I cook for them they complain. “Ooo I don’t eat cake” MIL had gone so far as to bring her own salad to a dinner at my house… it was just another rude dig. But I’ve officially made up my mind to break up with the in-laws. Im not dealing with their BS anymore. I really really hate them

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Irony . . .

Posted on Tue, Sep. 14, 2021 at 03:52 pm

LOL. Did you just post something that says, "before you argue with someone, ask yourself, "is this person mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of a different perspective? If not, there is no point to argue."

And was this very same post "liked" by a bunch of people who constantly try to bully others into accepting their crabbed interpretation of the Constitution, the Bible, and the Methodist Book of Discipline?

Irony is officially dead!

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Why Is It?

Posted on Tue, Sep. 14, 2021 at 01:35 pm

Why is it every time I shop at my local market, Dear SIL just so happens to be shopping there too?

I saw you, SIL, in the bakery section. I saw how you just happen to turn away from my direction to look at items because you saw me. So I left. After 30 plus years of putting up with your phoniness and lies I don’t want to be in the same building with you.

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I am here to protect my husband from you.

Posted on Mon, Sep. 13, 2021 at 07:12 pm

He's so idealistic about you, his mother, that he just can't see that you are a sociopath. My daughter, however, does see it. The last conversation we had, she told me how lucky she was to have me as a mother (even though you think I am a terrible mother and you tried to take her away from me and raise her with your pedophile creep 4th husband). She also said, "Grandma really isn't a good person." She also knows about your genetic oddities and (because she passed AP biology), how extremely unlikely it is that you are my husband's biological parent. Pro tip: if you have two X-linked recessive mutations, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that your biological son would not be positive for at least one of these mutations, even factoring for X-inactivation. But we shall see. Next time we meet, I will wear my red and green shirt to see if you can differentiate between the two. You're lucky I'm a pacifist and refuse to cut you to see how long it takes you to clot. Bitch.

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Posted on Sun, Sep. 12, 2021 at 08:40 pm

Welp, FIL has lived with us exactly two weeks and is threatening to leave. He has some toilet issues and refuses to take steps to ameliorate them, such as wear disposable underwear when sleeping or throw out soiled underwear and buy new. Nope, either we wash them in our 1800$ washing machine or he’s leaving. Also, this whole time I have been his DIL, I have been nothing but nice to him. I put my foot down about poop, and now apprently ‘we haven’t ever gotten along’, according to him. Welp, bye old man. Go back to your own house and rot. Your son is willing to forego all inheritance to unburden us of you. It’s not really a threat if you leave and, now that I know you have hated me for years, I don’t have to listen to your asinine stories about food anymore. Yay! I’m free! Whenever you start talking, I’m just going to go into the other room. You have made me so happy.

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