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Posted on Fri, May. 13, 2022 at 02:10 am

I realized last weekend that it's been over 5-years since I've last seen any members of my wife's family. My goal is to keep this up until I die. Wish me luck. :)

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NIL with Outlaw Tendencies

Posted on Thu, May. 12, 2022 at 07:54 pm

Only met her once when she was a little girl and heard a few stories over the years.

The first time I heard about her besides wondering why her mother named her after a cosmetic company, MIL once “jokingly” referred to her as evil and said her mother (SIL) deserved it for what she had done.

Long story short, her techniques to bamboozle someone online may land her in hot water one day if she targets the wrong person.

Energy vampires may sometimes direct their energy at the wrong persons and wrongfully assume things causing disruption in other peoples lives.

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Horrible in-laws, horrible husband

Posted on Wed, May. 11, 2022 at 06:14 am

In November of 2016, right after a certain person was elected by the Electoral College, I was physically ill with pertussis and I was scared to death about what the president-elect was going to do. DH started berating me for "worrying about nothing" and "failing to listen to the concerns of the people who voted for him." About that time, DH and MIL started talking a lot about guns and DH subscribed to a well-known gun rights organization. We received mail from it on a daily basis, and although I believe people have a right to bear arms, the gun culture in the U.S. really scares me. Right around this time, DH started following extremely right-wing people on the internet and started complaining about "liberals want to shut down free speech." I tried to explain to DH, over and over, that I am a free speech absolutist, but that I had a First Amendment right to associate with people I liked and dissociate from people I didn't. DH seemed to believe that the concept of free speech required me to sit down and talk to these people about their concerns. Then, DH's stepfather started going online and saying abortion was evil and guns were great and he wanted to kill the kids who were protesting the Florida school shooting. (He had always had this "liberals are evil" mentality, but it never involved fantasies of violence against us before). He also said online and said that he was a white nationalist, that he supported flying the Confederate flag since "the gays got to fly their rainbow flag," that he thought most rape allegations were fake, that women should be imprisoned for "false rape reports," that "liberals should be deported to Hawaii and thrown into the volcano," and that the woman who accused the then-President should be "forced to marry a Muslim man as punishment for speaking out without permission." DH's stepfather told me that he was voting for a certain person for Congress. I looked up the candidate and he was a neo-Nazi. Then DH's stepfather started complaining about transgender people and saying he wanted to deport LGBTQ people to Saudi Arabia to teach them a lesson. This was right around the time DD came out, first as lesbian, then as bisexual. DH screamed at me for making "false rape allegations" against his stepfather when all I did was say to him (privately) "I suspect that your stepfather is a rapist" because he regularly belittles women who say they were raped, and his best friend is a guy who (jokingly) claims to have stuck his dick into unwilling women and his stepfather thinks that kind of talk is hilarious. (At no point did I go to the police or testify in court or anything like that). I complained about DH's stepfather to DH for months on end, and he kept letting MIL bring this arsehole over to my house, where he would eat up all my food, say scary and weird things to me, and yell at me, presumably because I'm "one of those evil libruls." Let me tell you, it was fucking scary. Finally, things came to a head right before Christmas 2019. I told MIL, in no uncertain terms, that I no longer wanted to see her husband at my house, or generally. She then told all of his kids what I said and they started engaging in passive-aggressive internet flame wars. They are all anti-LGBTQ, pro-Christian theocracy, extremely gun-oriented, and anti-abortion. The "no contact" with MIL's husband/DH’s stepfather lasted about nine months, during which time she kept lobbying me to let her start bringing him over again. Then, during late 2020, whilst COVID was still raging, she started bringing him over again without my permission. In December 2021, I finally told MIL's whole adopted "family" - none of whom are related to DH -- but not her -- that I wanted nothing to do with any of them, that the terms of my marital contract predated their involvement in any of our lives. MIL retaliated against me by saying my mother was evil and I was evil just like her. This, mind you, was when my mother was terminally ill. Right after my mother died, and she called me to say that my mother "is better off," I got pissed off and wrote something snarky to one of her adopted grown-ass "daughters," who's a drunk and a fool. I know it was wrong, but it felt so good at the time. MIL then told all of our mutual friends to block and unfriend me because I was having a mental health crisis and I might send them a nasty note (ooh, scary!) even though most of them have nothing to do with her stupid trailer trash family. DH of course, will listen to nothing negative about MIL and everything she does is excusable, including foisting her execrable husband upon me and DD.

About a year and a half prior to the election, DH browbeat me into agreeing to move to a small town where, unbeknownst to me, MIL and DH's stepfather were also looking for a house. MIL actually went through my list of houses and crossed off the ones that were "too far away from the houses she was looking at." We put a bid on a house but the house failed our inspection and the seller would not accept a counteroffer. MIL was pissed - she wanted us to accept the house "as is." She said that "we spent a lot of time looking for a house for you" (it was only a single weekend.) She said she wanted to spend more time with DD and that she wanted her husband to babysit DD whilst I was at work in some unspecified job. At that time, I had no knowledge of how crazy DH's stepfather was. See where this is going? I'm pretty sure DD and I dodged a massive bullet.

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SILs’ Niece

Posted on Wed, May. 11, 2022 at 12:02 am

Based on what I was told she was someone you would have to walk on eggshell’s around. I’ve already been there and done that with mean people at work and life in general.

MIL once said she had severe behavioral issues and presented a toxic situation concerning her mother, which hopefully she grew out of as an adult for the sake of her own child.

Trolling someone or speculating about their relationship status doesn’t address deeper issues or what caused them to track and troll you in the first place, which is the root cause of my issues with them. DH would rather pretend it never happened. I wish I could be that indifferent.

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CIL’s Wild Stories

Posted on Mon, May. 09, 2022 at 09:08 pm

Remember being told her bio father spent more time raising his step daughter than with her, while her step father felt a closer bond to his bio children.

Maybe the wild stories and compulsive lies are her way of getting the attention she craved as a child?

We all have parental issues but most of us don’t feel the need to troll others online while mocking them.

DH once said the women in his family can be quite cruel if they don’t like someone, which I too noticed.

Even the laundromat ladies had stories to tell, but those may just be blind items.

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Beautiful Karma

Posted on Mon, May. 09, 2022 at 07:22 pm

MIL and FIL, they're old and senile. It's not their fault the drugs messed their brain up.
BIL said he hates me because I decided to stop being in his group and do better with my life. He's a loser...
BIL # 2 isn't aware of what BIL #1 is doing. Coming home early so he can hit on BIL #2 wife.
They do work and play games together.

Ex SIL got recommitted to jail and Baker Acted!

SIL#3 and BIL has no choice but to come back to the US. I heard they both lost the custody to their new kid, and they both had to be locked up.

NIL went to be with her "baby daddy" in another state. 2 weeks ago, she got beat up by said person. Now, she is out and BACK with him because she has a baby with the hoodrat. I dont want her back here in the same district.
That what she gets for cheating on the guy who was taking care of her and the kids. She has no custody of her other kids neither. She ended up with a thug that just... treats her like shit. No one's helping her; she burned a lot of bridges with everyone. Let it be.

Yep. Life is bliss and just real peaceful. Today I genuinely smiled for the 1st time in years. I'm happy.

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Miserable Souls

Posted on Mon, May. 09, 2022 at 02:38 pm

Products of the environment they grew up in or the circumstances they were dealt with in life?

Have their heads so far up their own asses they are unable to see anyone else’s.

Target someone they don’t and will never know to feel better about themselves or to validate their abusive online behavior.

DH and his mother told me what some of them were capable of years ago.

I choose to no longer pick up on their toxic energy whether directed towards me or not.

It’s just sad to be so bitter and cruel!

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Posted on Mon, May. 09, 2022 at 04:19 am

Hey MIL !!
Have ya noticed that since you wouldn't respect me your son disowned you and your whole fucked up little alcoholic family? 🙂
Did ya happen to notice that you didn't get a present for Christmas, your birthday and now mother day.
Because your a PIECE OF shit and YOU KNOW IT 🤣😅
I guess now you'll realize that the ONLY reason you got stuff for the previous years was MY WAY of putting my best foot forward vs a foot into your fucking face.
Your son saw me try my best, but you had to put me down. You had to bully. You had to ignore exclude,
"I swear on the holy Bible."
Yeah your a fucking goof and God knows it too.

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Posted on Mon, May. 09, 2022 at 12:48 am

Remember the things MIL said about the Mother & Child duo when I first met her son.

Didn’t realize it then, but if it was her intention to scare me off, she succeeded.

She was the true “seer” in that family.

I couldn’t hold a candle despite what they may believe.

The candle will probably blow out anyway from being haunted by them.

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Dear Mil and alleged egg donor parent

Posted on Sun, May. 08, 2022 at 09:13 am

It is Mother’s Day for both of us.

If you would of treated me decently, perhaps you would be sitting by me enjoying the fountain sounds and sights of the pool surrounded by tropical trees and flowers.

I would of given you a thoughtful gift and card.

Thank you for being horrible in front of your son from day one to me so that I don’t have to pretend to like or feel like honor you today!

🌸 🏝

Not Fondly,



Dear Alleged egg donor parent,

I don’t care if you have a good or bad day today.

I know for sure that I deserved better. The way you abused and treated me poorly was unacceptable.

Enjoy your day or not.

I don’t care.

Not Fondly,



To the man who broke my heart that almost married who I thought I would have children with

Dear “blank”

Here it is anotherMother’s Day. I thought of you this morning.

I wonder what our children would of looked like sometimes and if you would of ever treated me better if I would of married you.

Logically, based on my research people are at their best behavior while dating. Also, when people show their true colors believe them is also wise.

Even though I did the wise thing and didn’t marry and have children with you, I think of you with both fondness and a mix of anger and hurt.

As you know, I married someone else and had his children.

I really did care about you and would of married you if you would of treated me in a non toxic way. I think we could of had something special but you were blind to it until I met someone else and was getting married.

Someday I will feel indifferent towards you verses anger mixed with fondness.


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