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Now, all the in-laws know that we are moving away!

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 4:28 pm
by Hiddenjem
He received a phone call that was intended to cause him to feel guilty for leaving to move many beautiful hours away! His mom is "sad about it." He stayed in this location for ten horrible years and it is time to move away!

I pointed out why is it okay with his relatives that his brother lives in another state?

Yes, the "peace maker / problem solver/ free therapist" otherwise know as my Dh is selecting our happiness and our marriage over his birth family.

They have to grow up and learn to deal with life.

Or they can stick to throwing temper tantrums!

Not. Our. Problem :D

At some point in living here, he gave up hope on them and this community. They didn't gain by bullying me. and taking advantage of his kindness. Our adult children don't like any of his relatives and are stay in this state.

However, they won't be in contact or be of assistance to any of them.

Thanks for the break from packing fun!