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Post by CantstandmyILs » Thu May 05, 2022 11:42 pm

A week ago MIL went to FL CO SIL called him but since I was there he didn't pick up the phone so she send a text that MIL landed. Then the Sunday that just passed I saw a text from her sending him a pic of her kids games IDK what kind of games maybe baseball and then said just in case you decide to come to the kids games.

Like WTH. First DH has not gone to one event of hers. No baby shower no bdays no nothing. Why would you invite him to your kids games. He didn't tell me anything in fact he deleted it yesterday. I guess no response is still a respond. IDK But he didn't reply at all to her text. She should understand he will not leave me with the kids on the weekened to attend her kids game.IDK if he would go week days lying saying he stuck at work or something cause I could just ask him to let me see his time he clock out. I have done it before.

Here she thought 12 yrs ago she could say whatever she wanted cause she is his sister and I would have to bend over backward cause everyone does for her. Nah I don't think so. Now she is seeing how the yrs are passing and she isn't seeing her brother involved in her kids life.
I mean BIL has a GF but he told MIL he doesn't want kids at all. He prob doing his own thing with his GF and then she has DH who we have NC with her. So basically she relying on her friends to be there for her kids and PILs and her family.

DH told me he wants to sit with PILs before our baby turns a yr so they could come to the bday. What makes him think I want them there. All I said we can meet once a month not to attend every event. I wouldn't want that kind of contact. I haven't said much cause he hasn't done anything. He only saw PILs to pick up his christmas gifts and got his baby books so DC could see them and he hasn't return them,

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