One is "shocked" the other grey rocked

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One is "shocked" the other grey rocked

Post by Melody » Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:04 pm

This is birthday season in my house. And of course, as a bona fide member of I Hate My InLaws it is of course a busy time for the PILs to pull stunts.

So this year, stepmonster manages to send everyone b-day cards all at the same time, regardless of actual dates. ODD is not "forgotten" or "not deserving", so DH immediately texts her to thank her (barf) for the cards and in an attempt to appease me adds that stepmonster spelt DD's name wrong yet again. (Why bother?).

FIL and stepmonster call just YDS to sing him happy birthday. Stepmonster sounds like an alley cat in heat. She then starts asking YDS a bunch of questions (this woman is so loud she could use two cans and a string to call from miles away).

I was beyond impressed with YDS's responses.

The questions went something like this:

"Did your parents take you out for breakfast?" (Like its every teenage boys dream to be woken up early on a day off from school).

YDS: "No"

Stepmonster: "Noooooo?!?" "Are you going out for lunch?"

YDS: "Dunno" (I'm cooking his favorite meal for him and his girlfriend and got him a cake he wanted). He is then getting together with his friends for a gaming session.

Stepmonster: "Where are you going? What are you doing? You must be going somewhere!"

YDS: "Um, I dunno. Not too much, just chilling". (Doing what HE wanted to do).

Stepmonster: "WHaaaat? Your parents aren't doing ANYTHING for your birthday?"

At this point I'm getting nervous she'll pounce on this "opportunity" to show up YDS's clearly horrible parents. But YDS impressed me:

"Just chilling. Thank you so much for the card, I'm going to open it now".

Stepmonster gives a quick OK and hangs up. GO YDS!!!

YDS opens cards - awesome ones from other relatives and then Stepmonster's card which is just a card with her and FIL's name on it and empty.

YDS doesn't skip a beat and moves on. But DH actually says, "I'm shocked!" and MEANS it! Like seriously?

A few days after his birthday, I had a convo with YDS about the concept of grey rocking and how in some cases, it is the way to deal with certain people. He laughed when I told him not to "pull that crap" with me. Then he said he just didn't want to deal with answering her nosy questions and wanted just enjoy his birthday! And I believe he did!

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