DH Told MIL I was expecting

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DH Told MIL I was expecting

Post by CantstandmyILs » Fri Apr 30, 2021 11:33 pm

I know it might sound childish but I am just 6 months pregnant with my 3rd. With ODS I had a very stress pregnancy due to PILs and esp SIL. So with LO I didn't want any of my ILs to know I was expecting. My pregnancy went so smooth. Now I am pregnant again with our 3rd boy and again I told DH not to say anything til I gave birth and settle down. It's not like we see them I just don't want any inconvience or any of PILs talking about us or that I should close the shop blah blah. I asked him Wed IDK why but I had a feeling if ILs knows about the pregnancy. He said umm no.
Today he told me he was talking to MIL about him getting his 2nd dose of the vaccine. I asked him if MIL asked if I got the shot. The ODS said something along the line She should know you wouldn't cause you're pregnant and she knows. I said no they don't. DH then proceed to say yes actually MIL knows. I told her this week. I just didn't know how to tell you. WTF. I acted cool cause I don't want ODS to know my feelings about them.
I just don't want any ILs knowing any detail of our life esp when it comes to my pregnancy. I am terrified of the first experience I had with my first.He said well I just told her just in case BIL sees you at his work(He works in a supermarket) WTH I don't even go to the supermarket since this pandemic and esp I wouldn't even go being this big. He said with LO I went one day with my friend and BIL saw me but cause I am not good at seeing I didn't see him. I never run into BIL only 3 times so far since the CO 20210. I told him but didn't you said with LO he told PILs and then MIL asked you. Why tell her.
He said she just said congrats and she was happy. Hmm with ODS she wasn't and she then said one time I shouldn't have any more kids. I don't ask anyone for nothing when it comes to my home or my kids. I don't need anyone talking about me. I know she be telling him shit but he won't say it to me.No wonder he said his mom tie her tubes and she never got pregnant again. I just don't want him talking about we discussed esp when it comes to having more kids.
I just needed to vent. I know I can always come here and vent without judgement.

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