I'm so done

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I'm so done

Post by Ineedthemgone123 » Sat Apr 11, 2020 2:01 pm

I am so so so sad, DH is currently giving me a silent treatment for not respecting "the dresscode" (clothes he actually never had problems with but suddenly represent a problem, probably the IL's mess since they're quite "religious" - they're middle eastern) and for bashing his mother.
I got called fat, my clothes got called too tight (they weren't too tight 3 weeks ago) etc. I told him wtf you think I'm a whore of what he said "you consider yourself one"...well anyway I insulted him telling him here's Europe and not Saudi so yeah.

there's sth everyday, we were supposed to go to my home country to visit my parents for the 1st time in 5 y together and guess what with the coronavirus of course everything got cancelled and my husband did the happy dance 7 times telling me he couldn't be happier when I complained being sad. Mind you my parents were always nice to him, the exact opposite of HIS PARENTS AND OTHER IL BASTARDS.

I am depressed, wanting to die, he is ignoring me for this and the day before yesterday he ignored me because I slammed the door and got out when his damn sister who causes all the damn problems constantly asking for money called him

btw, his lazy ass brother who doesn't do anything with his damn life, not even finishing high school, called again to buy him a google play card, yeah cool we have to go OUT AGAIN to buy your f== card during the damn lockdown

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