I Hate My Inlaws!

Full Moon.

Posted on Mon, Jul. 10, 2017 at 04:43 am

Why is it that the in laws always show their crazy on a full moon? My wife is the family scapegoat/black sheep. Her whole family of origin including two evil sisters, their husbands, their children and her narcissistic parents all moved, as a clan, three hours drive away from us. Which is fine, the more distance the better. However when they lived fifteen minutes away, we never saw them. Now, they all planned an overseas trip together to see a distant cousin get married, and the parents are spending roughly $10,000 to see said cousin get married. This cousin was never apart of wife's families life growing up. Please note (Wife's so called parents contributed a whole $800,00 towards our wedding.) So we get a text from Father in law today (full moon) asking if they can visit on wife's birthday, which just so happens to be the eve that they fly out, to said cousins overseas wedding that my wife was excluded from. This is happening in one month. My wife ignored the text. Then she got three viber calls in a row, then three voice mails, then another text asking IS ANYONE THERE???? (Please note again, we have not seen or heard from them in three months.) Now the motive behind this, is to A. Have a place to crash before flying out as we are 15 minutes from the airport. B. Rub it into my wife and children that they are left out of this once in a life time trip. C. Ruin my wife's birthday before flying out. D. All of the above. I pick D. ALL OF THE ABOVE. I think we have a winner.

My wife has not responded, and it is driving them nuts that they have no control over her emotions anymore. There's nothing a narcissist hates more than being ignored. So funny.

This is a fraction of what they have said and done to us as family over the years. We will not play the mind games or visit them or have them visit us anymore!

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