I Hate My Inlaws!

I'm done

Posted on Wed, Apr. 19, 2017 at 10:00 am

I gotta a feeling my b-I-L is gonna have to move in again with his baby mama & all of their kids who they can't seem to get under manners. They use our car & smoke in it although we tell them not to. Their lack of respect for our things is unbelievable. I told them that if your 15 yr old stepson smokes in my restroom & does inappropriate things that he will have to go to his granny in the nearby city over. Apparently they complained to my wife & I was wrong for not being okay with being disrespected in my own household. He keeps getting fired but refuses to move in with the other sister. She has smaller space though. Me & wife & child moved out of i laws house in 2009 & we havent been able to live for 6months alone with just us 3. & here it is 2017. He sister move in with us on 3-4 ocassions but always wanted to have a guys who she just met online come live with us. Mind you now, I have daughter whose a young teen. We get into it. She moves out & finds out these guys are crazy. & have to deal with physical abuse & whatever else. It's just same repeated stuff over & over. I'm trying to see about moving far away from them. I don't enjoy being married anymore cause of this. Somebody help me please!!!!!

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