I Hate My Inlaws!

LOL MIL feeding the llamas with drama

Posted on Wed, Apr. 19, 2017 at 08:24 am

Dear MIL,

DH and I are done with you..
This is not a surprise, what do you think happens when you continually manipulate and treat most of your family like a pill of shit? Do you think we have to forgive just because we are family? LOL NOPE ..we don't run back to get more abuse.
Go ahead and blame me for your broken family and damaged relationships. Blame me for the fact DH hates you. Blame me for BILs drug problem, authority issues, and financial situation. Just keep blaming someone else instead of taking responsibility for your own words and actions. That will get you far. Is it just to hard for you to be a decent person?

BTW my side of the family is perfect.. thanks for noticing that we function like normal human beings! but really that has nothing to do with why we have chosen to ignore you, no one is in a competition here but apparently you've made it out to be that way -_-

I can't wait to have a child with your son one day and watch you try to manipulate us into seeing them. Saying that you have a right and deserve to be apart of their lives. Sorry that is a privilege and we are taking yours away.

A baby is not there for you to just brag about on social media like you've done with SIL's baby. She's a saint for allowing you near her child. That child deserves a grandmother that truly cares, not to be your prop. That child should not be your way into a family to manipulate and control their lives.

You're an evil beast and I hope one day you see it in the mirror. I hope you see it after you've wasted your the rest of your miserable life screaming, "its not fair!". I hope you realize that you have no one else around to blame. It will only be a matter of time before you drive away the last 4 people that might actually care about you. I'll just be here waiting and watching as you let your narcissism and selfishness slowly eat away at any happiness you could have in this life.

With all my love and fleeting pity,

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