I Hate My Inlaws!

Living in misery

Posted on Sun, Mar. 19, 2017 at 08:20 am

In laws live abroad and stay with us for weeks a time, multiple times a year.

Father in law drinks way too much wine when visiting. Always slopping the glass around, spilling on the carpet, all while lecturing me on the right way to treat my husband.

Mother in law is a cow, hyper conservative, moody, over bearing but hidden behind a smile.

Husband is a mama's boy. A grown adult (mid 30's who still lives in fear of their judgment).

Me- I am only half a year into this marriage yet spend my nights looking on Craigslist for places to rent for when I'm on my own again. My in laws are in their early 60's meaning they could be around for another 30 years.

I do love my husband and I thought I loved him unconditionally, but dealing with my in laws has sadly shown me that this isn't the case. They have broken me because without their presence I wouldn't be regularly contemplating divorce. I wish I had realized these things before walking down the aisle.

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