I Hate My Inlaws!

DH bday passes,so glad MIL baby treatment over!!

Posted on Fri, Feb. 08, 2013 at 07:21 am

I no longer have to witness MIL treating him like he just popped out of her womb,lol. Hey MIL I'm happy that you love your son,yeah it's a good thing but what if your son was a "bum on the street" I bet you wouldn't even check for him now would you?

Hey,well you can thank ME for turning your lil babyboy into a REAL MAN (I know you never will thank me though, it was all your parenting rite?-er WRONG!) because I DO NOT baby him as much as you do as I view all that "babying crap" as his downfall! I enjoy putting my foot up HIS @$$ (figuratively of course,lol)when he acts out of line,lol (you didn't know that now did you,*smiles&bats eyelashes*). That's the secret key to getting the BEST HUBBY RESULTS which is total opposite of your "baby mode treatment",lol! Maybe if you took the time and taught FIL how to treat you then you wouldn't be so miserable at this late day& age! Hey,just a thought! I'm praying that my MIL stops using every single holiday & imaginary holiday to butt into our Marriage, Get a Life MIL!!

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