I Hate My Inlaws!

Dear Princess SIL

Posted on Sat, May. 24, 2008 at 05:06 am

I hate how all of sudden(after 4 yrs) you have to come visit and bring all 7 family members when we are remodeling our home! We have no room! You and that witch have the nerve to get snippy at me. Treating our kids like crap when DH is not around. Borrowing my things without asking. Basically taking over our home, and you wonder why from now on all of you need to stay in a hotel!? It's because you're a self-center spoiled b*tch! We also don't want drug addicts around our kids!
What pisses me off the most, is when my DH was in the hospital, you tell him "I know you're sick but, when are you coming down to visit? Don't you want to see your neice and nephews?" Did you hear what he just said?!Uhhh NO, he rather spend time with his own children than your brats! We also don't need to see pictures of how your kids are being spoiled by his folks and not doing a damn thing for ours! You use every guilt trip you can think of, trying to control our lives. You are not our WORLD! You don't run the show! The only thing I am grateful for is that DH sees the manipulative crap you pull! He is sick of watching the rest of the bunch bend over backwards because you and your worthless husband can't do sh*t on your own. Just because you tell the rest of the idiots to jump doesn't mean we're going to!
And you wonder why we take family trips somewhere else? HAAAAA! Get over yourself! We are so over you, you desert trash!

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