I Hate My Inlaws!

SIL - No One Likes You !!!

Posted on Fri, Dec. 21, 2007 at 02:47 pm

My SIL is the most insecure and jealous person I have ever met in my life! She is so insecure that she has to constantly compete with me and any other woman in the family who is our age, and who has small children. My SIL got pregnant in high school and gave birth before her Senior Prom. No Daddy for her baby as he was a druggie. She lived at home with her parents and had little to her name. She didn't go to college, but at least she worked. She met my BIL who had a house and material items, and she put on her best fake face and charmed her way into the family. Once they got back from their honeymoon, the real her emerged. The sheep's clothing came off and out came the wolf underneath. She was now "in" the family. She had material items, a newly built house, a swimming pool, a brand new SUV with leather, and a daddy for her kid. She considered herself spoiled by her husband. GAG ME!!! She couldn't stand working part-time 3 days per week down the street, so she quit her job. Now she stays home all day doing nothing while BIL works his @$$ off to support her and her kid. She is nasty to us and refuses to even buy gifts for our kids, leaving it all up to her spouse, my BIL. She is selfish and competitive. If my kids have something then suddenly her kids have the exact same thing. If we have a birthday party theme, her kids have the exact same theme the next year. If we take professional photos she does the same exact poses for her kids. We will pass out one photo copy to each family member while she passes out 3 copies to each family member. She has to always be on top, and she likes to brag about her kids' accomplishments as if they are the first children ever in this whole entire world to play little league or soccer. Somehow her kids are the best, and she says in so many words that the coaches are telling her that her kids are already being scouted at the tender age of 4. Uh, yeah. She is a piece of work. BIL won't divorce her because she is the type who will take all of his hard earned money and keep it for herself in the name of their kids they have together, plus she will make him pay child support for her other kid, the one she had back in high school who has no daddy. BIL never should have married her. Too bad. Hey SIL, NO ONE LIKES YOU !!!

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